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Liquid PbBi Target in Solenoid Magnetic Field





HRRL beam Line installation









511 keV photon attenuation in tungsten

Neutron production

File:Huang NIMB229 2005.pdf

Task list

Priority task
1 Order target chamber
1 Order 8 tungsten targets, 2 mm thick
1 Order cooling lines for target chamber
1 Order 8 tungsten targets, 2 mm thick
2 Build box to hold target motor controls, pull cables
3 enclose HRRL cavity with 1/4" lead
check all connectors are in hand for target control
check camera pulse trigger synchronization
check beam line alignment , are energy slits centered, is 90degree line going straight through wall
bolt last flange to girder after last set of quads
tungsten target holder for rotating target
1 Ta or W re-conversion target for Flag 3
check flag 2 yag optics & setup, need way to switch internet between cameras so one computer can record images from each separately
two sets of steering magnets for 90 degree line
pull cable for FCC signals and fan out to control room and DAQ room

in progress Check the alignment.
done Find DAQ hard-wares from Dr. McNalty's lab.
done Ask Chad to make FC cooler.
in progres Work on Table design.
in progres Align YAG at the center of the 5-way cross.
Check the JAI camera trigger and trig it synchronously with LED.
in progres Order W-targets -- Just order them online.
done Order Prosilica camera cable -- Waiting for the confirmation.
in progres Install beam parts. (Ens, Flag2 Dipole2, Long beampipe, FC2, Flag2 gas.)
Find W-Target and target holder.
Find a pipe (or 3-way cross) to replace 5-way cross.
Install 45-deg Flag to W-target position.

Things to do for the next run

1. W target holder and W target desinge

2. hose from copper cooling lines to feedtrough. (swagelok, simlar with target cooling).

3. chamber: 6 week lead time.

4. cooling connection, check valve, nitrogen bottles, plastic pipes.

5. light emitting diode and detecting photo diode.

6. theromo-copler to on the things to monitor temperture. (thermestors glue on copper line, stanless steel line). thermestors need to be in the range of the parts they are on. Check the document of the motor for its temperature range.