HRRL Alignment 2011

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Completion Date Task
4/29/11 remove HRRL Gun
5/2/2011 Install alignment laser( Khalid's 2'x3' table in HRRL doorway)
5/3/2011 Install rotation and translation stages
5/9/2011 Align zero degree beam line
5/12/2011 Align 45 degree beam line
5/13/2011 Align 90 degree beam line


2 translators, one at least X feet. The long one is on the bottom and used to move a mirror from the zero port along the beamline to the expeimental celll. The second one is short and mounted on top of the long one. This will move along the HRRL axis

  1. Align laser through HRRL entrance and exit.
  2. place a translator for the rotation mirror (it should span from D1 to the 90 degree point along the zero axis)
  3. mount the mirror so it is level on the translator
  4. move the translator along the HRRL axis direction and position the mirror until laser spot doesn't move out of two Iris's at limits of translator breadboard.
  5. Now you are aligned along the HRRL axis
  6. Rotate the mirror 45 degrees
  7. Move along the translator to center the laser as much as possible through the experimental cell wall. The 90 degree bend is now defined
  8. Move the 45 degree mirror on the translator stage to the location of D1's center
  9. Rotate the mirror to 45/2 degrees. This will point to the location of D2
  10. Position another mirror at the location of D2 such that it reflects light back to the source and can transport laser light to the center of the 90 degree line. This will be determine the final positions of the dipoles
  11. once the location of D2 is established, the location of D1 will be known.
  12. Position the YaG flag (F2) so the laser from D1 is centered on the YaG crystal
  13. Remove the Mirror at D1 and center the flag location F1 so the OTR screen is centered

Should we increase the dipole gap? From 3/4" to what?


Precision Rotation Stage

Thor Labs 1 arc sec resolution, 5 arc min accuracy, Rotator $2425, APT controller $1600,

Elliot Scientific Manual rotation, 5 arc sec resolution, $600

Primatics 50 arc sec accuracy, $11k

  1. Khalid's laser table 2' x 3' I