Liquid PbBi Target in Solenoid Magnetic Field

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PbBi Target Optimization

is this without a magnetic field?

Solenoid Magnet Simulation

G4beamline calculates field maps for solenoids using COMSOL

For RF cavities it uses Superfish

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  2. J. H. Billen, L. M. Young, “POISSON SUPERFISH,” Los Alamos National Laboratory report LA-UR-96-1834 (revision January 29, 2004).


G4beamline File

How do you change the B-field magnitude?

Answer: By changing the current of the dipole (current=). 
param -unset SMI=200 SMIR=100 SMOR=120 SML=400
coil SMC innerRadius=$SMIR outerRadius=$SMOR length=$SML material=Cu
solenoid SM coil=SMC current=$SMI color=1,0,1,0.5
The field points probed are print out in a file called Bout.txt 
The points to be probed are given in by the input file Bin.txt or given in the script (as shown in the end).

How can you tell the direction?

The field lines can be visualized by un-commenting the following line.
#fieldlines exit=1 center=0,0,0 nLines=100 color=0,1,1,0.5  

File:Pos PbBi Opt.txt

PbBi Target Definition

For 400 K PbBi: 10522.8 kg/m^[math]3[/math]

material PbBi Pb,0.4450 Bi,0.555 density=10522.8/1000


Pos PbBi Density.png