PePPO 2011Run

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PePPO run

Currently scheduled Injector recovery on October 22

Positrons May be November 4 & 5

Currently max energy is 7.8 MeV.

Choosing 6.3 MeV incident electron energy because that is the most stable.

[math]\sigma[/math] = 0.5 mm on the Tungsten target (T1)

June Racks installed and cables pulled to tunnel
August 2011 vacuum pumps ready, Compton Polarimeter Table installed
September 2011 Beam Line installed
October 2011 Finish Work in Injector area for PePPO
October 17-19, 2011 Swing shift hot checkout
October 29-Nov 1 2011 Owl shift PePPo tuning (Probably install Annihilation counter here)
Nov 11-16 2011 Day shift PePPo running

Region 3

The annihilation counter is labeled as IAC5D03 on the JLAb beam line

09012011 PePPO R3.png

09012011PePPO AnnCntrAssmbly.png

Cable length are 75-100 feet long

2 NaI detectors

Instead of using the mirrors described below, the NaI detectors were rotated in Phi to be out of the way of a camera view.

Old mirror design (not implemented)

one has mirror between it and the port window to reflect light to a camera.

See if we can send out one of our actuators to move the mirror in and out.

PePPo NaI Setup.png

Aluminum WIndow pressure test

A 5 mil window bursts at 65 PSI

A 10 mil window bursts at 110 PSI

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