PePPO 2012Run

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Run Configuration

Positrons may be In May

The main electron beam current needs to be limited to 10 nA using a beam line cavity.

Currently max energy is 7.8 MeV.

Choosing 6.3 MeV incident electron energy because that is the most stable.

[math]\sigma[/math] = 0.5 mm on the Tungsten target (T1)

Date Task/Item
Feb. 2, 2012 Readiness Review
May , 2012 Readiness Review


Collaborator available
Phil Cole 1 week (not available July 1-July 8)
Dan Dale 1 week (not available July 1-July 8)
Tony Forest 2 weeks (not available July 1-July 8)
Dustin McNulty 1 week
Sadiq Setiniyaz 2+ weeks
Yujong Kim 2 weeks (Available May 1 to June 30 but not available May 20-25)