Beamline design (Y. Kim)

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Beam Line Design

BeamLine Yim 10-14-10.png

Need:  more X-Y steerers(1 set after 1st triplet), belows at the exit of Linac, Torroid loop at exit of Linac, fast shutdown valve at Linac exit.


Element Distance to Center Stancari Design
End of LinacGate Valve 0.000 m
Q1@T1 0.175 m
Q2@T1 0.425 m
Q3@T1 0.675 m
TCOL1 1.025 m
1STTG 1.175 m
Q1@T2 1.400 m 1.4
Q2@T2 1.650 m 1.6 (Yujong has 5 cm more space between quads)
Q3@T2 1.900 m 1.8
TCOL2 2.250 m
KIWI1 2.525 m 2.201 (Yujong has 22.4 cm more distance between last quad and dipole)
SLIT 2.851 m
Q1@DM 3.026 m 2.615 (Yujong has 8.7 more cm between dipole and quad)
SCREEN 3.296 m
KIWI2 3.617 m
Q1@T3 4.063 m Yujong has 29.1 cm leess distance between last dipole and quad)
Q2@T3 4.603 m
Q3@T3 5.143 m
SCREEN 5.712 m
2NDTG 6.112 m
HOLE@WALL 6.412 m

Beam Optics

Kim HRRL Optics 10-14-10.png

Beam Size

HRRL BeamSize 10-14-10.png

Expected electron Transmission

Assuming a 9 mm wide slit in between the kiwi dipoles.

HRRL E-transmission 10-14-10.png

Expected electron profile after last Kiwi dipole

HRRL e-Profil 10-14-10.png