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Mini UHV gate valve

Valve with pneumatic actuator:

single acting with closing spring (NC)


Manual: File:Mini UHV gate valve Manual.pdf

File:Mini UHV gate valve.pdf


Leak rate: body / valve seat: [math] \lt 5 \times 10^{-10}/ \lt 1 \times 10^{-9}~mbar~Is^{-1} [/math]

Pressure range: [math] 1 \times 10{-10} [/math] mbar to 2 bar (abs)

1 millibar = 0.750061683 torr = 0.75 torr

The 24 VDC is for the solenoid.
The large round connector in your photos is for the electrical position indicators. The contact rating is up to 50 VDC at 3 A or 250 VAC at 5 A max.


You require 55 – 100 psig into the solenoid.   Applying 24 VDC to the solenoid will open the valve and removing it will close the  valve.

Your valve is a normally closed valve, meaning it is spring closed.  Reference the part number in the manual that ends in 41.

Give me a call If you have any questions.


Bill McPheeters
VAT Sales Engineer - Austin, TX
T: 512-280-8050, F: 512-280-8054

Solenoid pinning:

Apply 24 volts between Pin 1 and Pin 2 ([math]V_{pin1} - V_{pin2} = +24~V[/math])
Pin 1: +
Pin 2: -

My wiring:

Black = hot

White = neutral

Green = ground

Parts needed

Relay (switch), sensor and bus (terminal).

Ion Pump




IPC - 0062

pump manual: [2]

File:DUNIWAY ION PUMP Manual.pdf

Use with a Pressure Relay

A multi pin connector (J2) is provided on the rear panel to connect the IPC-0062 to a pressure relay, such as the Varian 924-0048 or the Duniway Stockroom Corporation PR-0048. This accessory is used for controlling the heaters in a bakeout unit for the pump and system.

For use of the Pressure Relay, consult the instruction manual supplied with the unit. The IPC0-0062 is fully compatible with the 924-0048 and PR-0048.

Use with a Recorder

A recorder output connector, J3, is provided on the front panel of the IPC-0062. The recorder output is +/-100 mV related to the logarithmic “PRESSURE” indicator. Full scale deflection on the “PRESSURE” scale of the front meter corresponds to 100 mV output on the recorder output connector.


website: [3]

Manual:File:Duniway PR 0048 Manual.pdf [4]

Price: $810.00

The sputter-ion pump control unit converts vacuum pressure levels in a chamber to corresponding voltage output signals and transmits these signals via a cable to the pressure relay. The pressure relay unit compares the input signal from the sputter-ion pump control unit with a manually preset internal voltage reference. When the input signal exceeds the preset limit, the relay opens, turning off the bakeout control unit. This action maintains the vacuum in the system to a predetermined range during the bakeout cycle.

The pressure relay is compatible Duniway Stockroom Corporation control units such as IPC-0062 and IPC-0066.

PR 0048 Recorder Voltage vs Pressure.png


Website: [5]

Price: $745.50

Ued one for $395: [6]


Electron Gun has a diameter of 1.2 cm.

HRRL Gun Diameter 1.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 2.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 3.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 4.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 5.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 6.jpg HRRL Gun Diameter 7.jpg