HRRL Move 2010

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Start Date Finish Date Task
10/01/10 11/01/10 Move the HRRL and construct new beamline
11/01/10 11/15/10 Measure Radiation Field and Prepare for Hunt Run
11/15/10 12/17/10 Hunt Beam Time (3 MeV, 300 Hz, multiple pulsing)
01/03/10 01/14/10 Prepare for high current emmittance measurements
01/18/10 01/21/10 high current emmittance measurements (10 MeV, 50 ns pulse width, variable rep rate and current)


Design and build required infrastructure

Beam line CAD

The location of all magnets is provided by Yujong Kim.

Kevin Folkman will layout the CAD drawings

Accelerator Wall Mount

A mounting system needs to be designed for the HRRL which will be used for its new position. It is unclear if we can reuse the current stands. We will want a way to add lead sheets around the HRRL and the location of the Tungsten converter target which is after the first 3 quads and labeled (PT) in the drawings.


Chad has built one stand to hold 3 Quads. We will need 3 more stands built to hold quad triples and 2 stands to hold the "Kiwi" dipoles.

We will need another stand for the OTR camera but this can wait until after the Hunt run ends.

FC cooling

We need to solder cooling lines around the FC.

Move the HRRL


Install HRRL cavity mounting system


Disassemble beam line and move HRRL cavity to new location



A lot of time is being allocated to align the accelerator

Khalid and Sadiq will work on leveling the accelerator and mount alignment targets on the wall..

Attach cooling lines to the FC while Khalid working on the alignment. (Can Chad do this soldering?)

parts List

  1. 6 cross which connects the JLab flags, 2 ports for beam, 1 port for JLab flag, 1 port for optical window , 1 port for ion pump, remaining port blanked.
  2. a gun valve which comes out at 90 degrees to the beam line to use of less space
  3. Danfysik water cooled Slit model 563 File:DanfysikSlit563.pdf
  4. Spare gun (already have it at the IAC?)
  5. Aluminum OTR target Media:ALtarget_JLABflagOTR.pdf, tens of microns thick (thinner will melt and not be bright at HRRL energies), Rich Brey has a coating machine? (machine has uniformity problems),

Design preference

Thin aluminum target for OTR right after 3 quads place at exit to Linac