PhotoFission with Polarized Photons from HRRL

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PhotfissionHeros 10-21-08.jpg





Meeting Notes

Hand Calculations


Radiator Foil

Using Carbon or Aluminum to block photons

Eγ vs probability with 5 cm of D20

Eγ vs probability with 8 cm of D20

Thickness of Lead to block photons

Where does the radiator need to be?

Determining the uncertainty of Eγ

Things That Still Need to Get Done

Tasks March 31, 2009

Notes from July 2nd, 2008 Meeting

Brems Intensity Spectrum (with Collimation Factors) Plots

Temporary Files

Electronics diagram 2/2/11

Brems Intensity Spectrum (without Collimation Factors) Plots

Notes for the July 11th, 2008 Meeting

Column of Water Length

Finding the Space Between Lead Shots

Electronics We Need to Collect

Compton Scattering

Constant Fraction Discriminator Details

Magnet Calculations

Notes from July 22nd, 2008 Meeting

Current Conceptual Design of Beamline

Matching Detectors

Cosmic Ray Shielding Test

Neutron Time of Flight Test

PhotoFis.C (ROOT program to analyse data)

Pictures of experimental setup

Data bank

Integrated asymmetry

Peaks fitting

Neutron Production Thresholds

Conversion TDC to Energy

Cross Sections of C,N,O,Si,Pb

TDC Calibration

FWHM distribution

A kind of analysis

NaI spectra

B-field calculation

Plastic Scintillator Calculation

New Magnets

Spectra Analysis

Bremsstrahlung lineshape for E0 = 16 MeV, Ti radiator

Flux from NaI vs. Gamma Flash


Pair Spectrometer Info

Faraday Cup Analysis

March 2010 Run Report

Minimum accelerator energy to run experiment

Collimation geometry for different beam energies

Counts Rate (44 MeV LINAC)

Pair Spectrometer

Aluminum Converter

Faraday Cup Temperature

Kicker Magnets

MCNPX Simulations for Neutron Beam

IAC experimental cell

Neutron Detector Setup

44 MeV Beam Line Optimization

FFs angular asymmetry

Electronics & DAQ

Cool beamline drawings

Pair Production Rate Calculation

Ribbon Cable Attenuation Measurements

Current Electronics

Draft Run Plan 2/23/11

44 Setup

n's detectors threshold measurements 2/28/11

PS front and back count rates (cosmic) 2/28/11

FC calibration 44 MeV 3/1/11

FC calibration 25 MeV 3/4/11

D2O photodisintegration simulation

Things to do different on next run

Dan's April 2011 2 neutron correlations talk

Dan's scribbles on the Hamamatsu R580 Voltage Divider Design

n's det calibration

2D Faraday Cup Data Analysis

(gamma,f) versus (gamma,f)

Bremsstrahlung radiation properties, Ee=25 MeV

Sensitivity to asymmetry versus endpoint energy

D2O material effect on the neutron asymmetry

Beam spot with a fancy Dan's screen

Philipp's stuff


March 2011 Data Analysis

September 2011 Data Analysis

HRRL 16 MeV setup geometry

Kicker Magnet Tests 2012

Beam dump and sweep magnet G4 model

2-Neutron Correlation Setup Stuff

HRRL jitter study

2n Detector efficiency test

2n Equipment

2n geometry of the setup

2n TDC map

2n preliminary data analysis

2n run list

2n BKG data

2n Neutron signal attenuation

2n Position resolution

2n D2O/H2O/Empty target data

2n DU data

2012 run DAQ malfunction

x-talk between n-dets

DU target n-multiple scatter

Analysis scripts

Brem converter optimization


Pair spectrometer scripts

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Jason's Uploads


Hamamatsu Documentation


File:PMT Beahvior TubeA.pdf

File:PMT Beahvior TubeB.pdf

File:PMT Beahvior TubeB(unfiltered).pdf

File:PMT-Optimizations Data.xls

File:PMT-Optimizations Data witherrors.xls