Tasks March 31, 2009

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Tasks March 31, 2009

(1) Flux from NaI -vs- gamma flash

Sum (bin x NaI) -vs- Sum ref

           Explore cuts on NaI

NaI runs which need cuts: 43,47,51,55,59,63,73,77,81,85,89,93,97,101,105,109,113,117,121,125,129,133,137,145,149,213

NaI runs, no cuts: 173,178,183,193,198,203,208

Problem runs: 141,163,168,218,223,228,233,239

(2) Where is gamma flash coming from?

For H2O:

MT – empty target runs: 122,123,124 FT – full target runs: 110,111,112,114,115,116 NT – no target runs 118,119,120

Pick runs close in time

FT = a NT + b MT + S

Photons in detector/photons in beam coming from:

(a)room (b)plastic bottle (c)H2O

(3) Same as (2) but for neutron

Hope it is zero

(4) Same as (3) but for D2O

Full target runs: 102,103,104,108,107,106

(5) Gamma flash counts versus number of pulses for D2O and H2O for runs under similar beam conditions

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