2n BKG data

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BKG effect investigated with the paddle detector:

[math]I_{e^-} = 30 mA[/math], [math]Pw=20 ns[/math], [math]R=300Hz[/math], [math]E_{e^-}=10.5 MeV[/math]

Upstream collimator diamater = 0.25"

Downstream collimator diamater = 2.0"

2 Al sheets as bremsstrahlung radiator;

Detector G: HV(G1) = -1700 V, HV(G2) = -1650 V.

There was 2" of lead in front of the Det G. Det G was placed on the floor.

Case A: Target out, radiator in - Counting rate (G1) = 1/168 (gammas/pulse)

Case B: Target out, radiator in, downstream collimator blocked - Counting rate (G1) = 1/485 (gammas/pulse)

The BKG measured with "Ilyusha"

HRRL BKG study.jpeg