Things That Still Need to Get Done

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  • Vacuum pipe and radiator ladder (design)
Data Acquisition Electronics
  • Graphite block with Pb sheet (design / fabrication)
  • Pb collimator (design / fabrication)
  • d20 target
  • d20 target mount
  • Get no detectors; high voltage (check them out)
  • no detector mount / shielding (design / fabrication)
  • Data acquisition electronics [math]\rightarrow[/math] [math]\rightarrow[/math] [math]\rightarrow[/math] [math]\rightarrow[/math] [math]\rightarrow[/math] [math]\rightarrow[/math]
    • Discriminators
    • Scalers
    • Take the digital pulse, send it into a counter (scaler), and it gives us a number.
  • Callibration procedure
  • Beam position monitoring

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