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|  || Zener Diode ([[File:EpitaxialZenerDiode_datasheet.pdf]])
|  || Zener Diode ([[File:EpitaxialZenerDiode_datasheet.pdf]])
|  || Transistor (Darlington [[File:NPN 2n8284_NPN_Tansistr.pdf]] )
|  || Transistor (Darlington [[File:NPN 2n8284_NPN_Tansistr.pdf]]  [[File:NPN 2n6284_NPN_Tansistr.pdf]] )
|  || JFET
|  || JFET

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Instructional Objectives

Course Catalog Description
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement 3 credits. Lecture course with laboratory requirements. Topics include: DC and AC Electrical Circuits, Analog pulses, Bipolar Transistors, Field Effect Transistors, Operational amplifiers.

Prequisites: Phys 2212 and Phys 2214, Math 1170,1175,2275,3360

Course Description
A practical course introducing the fundamental concepts of analog electronics. One third of the course will be used to describe the concepts in a lecture setting with the remaining time spent in a laboratory setting applying the concepts. The course begins with a review of DC and AC analog circuits. Semiconductor physics is introduced to lead into a study of transistors. The use of bipolar transistors for saturated and unsaturated switches is explored. The field effect transistor (FET)is compared with the bipolar transistor.

Notes, Labs, and Schedule

Week # Lecture reading Notes Lab A Lab B
1 Chapter 1 (DC Circuits) TF_EIM_Chapt1 LabSkills_TF Lab_1_TF_EIM
2 Chapter 2 (AC Circuits) TF_EIM_Chapt2 None Lab_3_TF_EIM
3 Chapter 3 (Pulses) TF_EIM_Chapt3 Lab_4_TF_EIM Lab_5_TF_EIM
4 Chapter 4 (Semiconductor Physics) TF_EIM_Chapt4 Lab_6_TF_EIM Lab #6 (cont)
5 Chapter 5 (Bipolar Transistors) TF_EIM_Chapt5 Lab_8_TF_EIM Lab_9_TF_EIM
6 Chapt 5 (cont) None Lab_10_TF_EIM
7 MidTerm Lab_11_TF_EIM Lab_13_TF_EIM
8 Chapt 6 (Field Effect Transistors FETs) TF_EIM_Chapt6 Lab_14_TF_EIM Lab_17_TF_EIM
9 Lab_23_TF_EIM Lab_23_TF_EIM
10 Lab_25_TF_EIM Lab_27_TF_EIM
11 Lab_30_TF_EIM Lab 27
13 Makeup Labs Makeup Labs
14 Makeup Labs
15 Makeup Labs
16 Finals

Dan's Notes

File:DanDale LoopTh Resistors EIM.pdf

File:DanDale Capacitors EIM.pdf

File:DanDale Inductors EIM.pdf

File:DanDale IntroSemiCond EIM.pdf

File:DanDale FET EIM.pdf

File:DanDale OpAmp EIM.pdf

Lab parts list

For 10 students you will need the following equipment

Quantity equipment
>8 Resistors(10,100,1k,10k,15k,100k,200k,3.3M,20M [math]\Omega[/math])
>8 Capacitors (5,100,560,1000,10000,1000000 pF)
>8 Bi-polar Capacitors (1,100,1000 [math]\mu[/math]F)
>8 10 -100 [math]\mu[/math] H Inductors (0.12,1.2,1.5,2.2,2.7,8.2,12,18,27,33,100,500,3000,5600,6800 [math]\mu[/math]H)
Silicon Diode (File:1N4001.pdf)
Germanium Diode
Function Generators ( 10 MHz BK precision 4017 A File:BK4017A FuncGen SpecSheet.pdf)1-100 MHz, 0-5 Volt)
Oscilloscope ( 20MHz Gw Instek GOS-620 File:GwInstek GOS-620 manual.pdf)
Zener Diode (File:EpitaxialZenerDiode datasheet.pdf)
Transistor (Darlington File:NPN 2n8284 NPN Tansistr.pdf File:NPN 2n6284 NPN Tansistr.pdf )