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Ionization Chamber material

Modern Plastics

Source of Ertalyt and G10/FR4 plastic sheets

Address: 676 Howard Ave, Bridgeport, CT, 06605-0574

Phone: (203) 333-3128 / (800) 243-9696

sales reps: Vicky Rivera

Some previously used materials:

Ertalyte, PET NAT PET-P Plate natural



was a company at

now it is called evonik

Phone # 870 234 0286

The rohacell below was very thick and sturdy. Perhaps it can make a good lightweight chamber. It is not conducting so be carful of charge up effects. Rohacell 110 WF , CMS 01, Rev. G. Type 4 Grade B

Kapton windows

Gas connectors

Legris quick connect

This connector takes a 1/4 OD input hose and has a 5/32 OD output tube which is glued into the GEM detector


Gas Gaskets

Buna-N® A DuPont Dow Elastomers registered trademark brand name of a type of elastomer seal; butyl material which has excellent resistance to gas permeation; an early vacuum seal, generally displaced by Viton®.

Permeation Rates for Air

BUNA-N =[math] 2.5 \times 10^{-7} \frac{torr \cdot liters}{sec \cdot linear inch}[/math]

VITON =[math] 2.5 \times 10^{-8} \frac{torr\cdot liters}{sec\cdot linear inch}[/math]

"The fact that Viton has an air permeation rate that is one order of magnitude lower than Buna-N shows one reason why it is used more and more often in high vacuum systems even though Buna-N's resiliency, as evidenced by the bounce test, makes it easier to achieve a leak-free seal. "

Marco Rubber

Vendor Contact

Marco Rubber & Plastic Products, Inc. 334 Clark Street North Andover, MA 01845 USA Telephone: 800-775-6525 Fax: 978-688-6915

O-ring design

For example:

MarcoRubbber O-ringGroveDesign gladstatic.jpg

another vendor

candidate part numbers

Gasket Cord: part# CB1000-2.36 ; a 2.36 outer diameter O-ring cord which we can use to make O-rings. The O-grin groove should be 1.77 mm deep and you can use superglue to joing the ends of the cord.


Compound# Color Hardness Shore A Tensile Mpa (Psi) Elongation % 22Hr C/S @ 100C Low Temp High Temp B1000 Black 70 15.0 (2,150) 400 10 –40°C(–40°F) 120°C(248°F)

  • Buna-N is available in a wide range of Durometers and Colors,

Calculating the gaskets min radius of curvature

[math]R = \frac{C E}{S}[/math] ( inches)

R= radius of curvature in inches
C= 1/2 the thickness of the material
E= modulus of elasticity
S= maximum fiber stress of yield stress of the material

Example for Buna-N

C = 2.36 mm/2

E= Elongation/Tensile = 4/2150 (1/psi)

S =?

Copper Clad Kapton

1.) Gus Gustafson DuPont Flexible Circuit Materials 14 T. W. Alexander Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Phone: 919-248-5280

AP7156E: 2 mil (50 micron kapton, 9 mil double sided copper. Need to etch the copper off of one side.

2.) Digikey; Copper foil tape. You can put a layer of kapton on the sticky side to prevent it from outgassing too much

Item # 3M1194D-1FT-ND

wave soldering


SHV Panel Bulkhead

Kings solder SHV Bulkhead Receptacle, Kings Part # 1707-1 File:Kings1707-1 DESIGN.pdf

Kings Electronics
1685 Overview Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Toll Free: 1-888-909-5551
Switchboard: 1-803-909-5000

Min order is 1000 pieces = $1300

Astrix can do smaller orders

818-381-8353 ask for Monique

BNC Female Panel Bulkhead

File:Amphenol BNC Panel Bulkhead.pdf

VFAT input connector

Panasonic P5KS 130 pin surface mount 6.5 mm mated heigth, 0.5 mm narrow pitch

File:VFAT header inputconnector.pdf

Precidip Connector

20 pin single row 1.27 mm pitch connectors for back of 10 x 10 cm GEM charge collector

Vendor: straight pin: 850-90-020-10-001

socket connector : 851-91-020-10-001

Gas Flow


Swagelok Filters: Buy the Tee model so its easier to change filters. Model SS-4FT2-05 is a 0.5 micron filer shown below (~$150).

Swagelok SS-4FT2-05.png

Filter elements are model number SWG ELEMENT and are about $7.14 each.



Chain and plug

part number 922:

stainless steel tubing

8 ft line

Flexible tubing (pigtail)

Prices increase 5 fold if you want a completely stainless steel system. The cheap hoses come with brass connectors on the end.

Our local vendor (Praxair) is willing to special order swagelok parts in addition to using their standard vendor, Western Enterprises.

Praxair suggest the following part number from Western Enterprises

Pigtails : HPF-4-36 (Brass ends $30 for 3') and PF2-4-36 (stainless steel ends $163 for 3')

flow meter

Matheson Flow tube # U203 (0.1-1) or U204 (0.2-2)

Matheson Flow Meters

Tube # U203 or U204

GEM detector volums 10 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm = 500 [math]cm^3[/math] = 0.5 Liters

LHC Ar/Co2 (93/7 mix) high rates suggest a gas volume change every 10 hours

CDF Ar/ethane (50/50 mix) did one volume change every 30 hours

SLAC (75% CO2, 21% Argon, 4% Isobutane, and 0.2% water mix) did 1 volume change every 10 hours , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, VOL. 42, NO. 4, AUGUST 1995

BaBAR: The drift chamber represents a volume of 5m3 filled with a gas mixture of 80% Heand 20% C4H10. Gas will flow at approximately 15 l/min, giving one volume change every 5 to 8 hours.

A GEM detector volume change every 10 hours would need a flow meter capable of 0.05 Liters per hour (0.0017 [math]ft^3[/math]/hr) measurement .

Media:Microcalibrator_for_DC.pdf this meter goes from 0 to 20 liter/min,probably accurate to 0.1 l/hr flow rate (want a factor of 2 lower flow rate measurement capability may be able to set for 1 volume change every 5 hours)

This flow meter can detect a volume change every 1/10 hour (0.2 ft^3/h)

A glass tube VA flow meter goes down to 0.3 L/hr (a factor of 10 too high) GTF 1 CHD-B5-100 cm^3 /min

Probably won't be able to get a gas flow meter for the GEM.

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