Niowave Pb-Bi target

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Niowave Pb-Bi liquid target


1.) pump down chamber

2.) backfill with argon to 1atm

3.) heat top at full power by plugging into wall directly, the other heaters use a rheostat

4.) 360 watts applied to mid center until temperature at bottom flange is 120 C

5.) turn on the other heaters at 20 % of 120 volts until the temperature warms to at least 40 C

6.) vent if the pressure goes above 2 ATM

7.) once loop is about 40 C or more, increase rheostats to 40% of 120 volts

8.) top reservoir will be kept heating at full power until maxing out at 300 C then you can turn it off when bottom well is liquid

9.) at 70 C in the well increase reostat to 60%

10.) unplugged top heater when it hits 289 C, temp in middle of loop was 280

11.) when well temp was 170 C , the high power heater (right side) is increased to 100 % while all other heaters are turned off

20 C difference between top center and well right

4 = top center 3=center left 2 = well right 1=well left

target description

20 mill windows 4mm target window

5 kg of eutectic 45/55 ratio

Heat tape is rated at120 volts at 300 watts