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[math]\frac{\Delta d}{d}[/math]Delta D over D
[math]G^E_n[/math]Neutron Electric Form Factor


[math]\frac{\Delta d}{d}[/math] from SIDIS
  1. HERMES 2005 result with tables of A1 inclusive and SIDIS [math](\Delta d/d)[/math] File:PRD712005p012003.pdf
[math]\frac{\Delta d}{d}[/math] using Inclusive
  1. Hall A 2004 results for A1n and [math](\Delta d/d)[/math] usinb Inclusive Scattering File:PRLett92 2004 pg012004.pdf
  2. Hall B 2007 results using Inclusive scattering Phys. Lett. B 641 (2006) 11 File:PLB vol641 2006 pg11.pdf [math]\left (\frac{\Delta d}{d} \approx \frac{8g_1^d/(1-1.5 \omega_D) - 5g_1^p}{8F_1^d-5F_1^p}\right )[/math]
High Energy Data center
HERMES 2007 result of 33% quark contribution of nucleon spin Media:PhysRevD75-012007-2007.pdf

Wally's paper on g1 and g2 for the Deuteron
"Spin Structure of the Nucleon - Status and Recent Results", S. E. Kuhn, J.-P. Chen, E. Leader
"Nachtmann Moments of the Proton and Deuteron Spin Structure Functions", K. Slifer
"New method for extracting neutron structure functions from nuclear data",Yonatan Kahn, W. Melnitchouk, S. A. Kulagin
Duality in semi-inclusive pion electroproduction, F. E. Close, W. Melnitchouk
Applications of quark-hadron duality in F2 structure function


Semi-inclusive π± production–tests for independent fragmentation and for polarized quark densities EkaterinaChristova