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Apparatus Map

2017 IAC run on the 44 machine

Signal cable timing

ToF test with CF-252


DAQ wiring diagram:


Detector layout


Note: Detectors 102 and 282 are not installed as of march 2017

HV and threshold values for Aug. 2017 production runs

Detector Phi Angle (Degrees) PMT Position HV Discriminator threshold
D30 30 Top D30T0.1 SHV101 4:L0.1 3-0 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][1]

Map for detectors-cables-TDC channels- ROOT variable

As of March 2017

Detector Phi Angle (Degrees) PMT Position Signal cable label HV cable label HV channel on Lecroy Mainframe LED CH VNIM-ECL channel ROOT variable
D30 30 Top D30T0.1 SHV101 4:L0.1 3-0 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][1]
Bottom D30B0.2 SHV102 4:L0.2 2-0 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][2]
D54 54 Top D54T2.1 SHV2.1 6:L2.1 2-2 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][3]
Bottom D54B2.2 SHV2.2 6:L2.2 1-0 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][4]
D78 78 Top D78T0.3 SHV103 4:L0.3 3-2 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][5]
Bottom D78B0.4 SHV104 4:L0.4 1-2 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][6]
D102 102 Top D102T1.1 SHV1.1 5:L1.1 3-15 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][7]
Bottom D102B1.2 SHV1.2 5:L1.2 1-13 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][8]
D126 126 Top D126T1.9 SHV1.9 5:L1.9 3-5 B-0 evt.TDC[hit #][9]
Bottom D126B1.10 SHV1.10 5:L1.10 2-5 B-1 evt.TDC[hit #][10]
D150 150 Top D150T0.5 SHV105 4:L0.5 2-7 B-2 evt.TDC[hit #][11]
Bottom D150B0.6 SHV106 4:L0.6 1-5 B-3 evt.TDC[hit #][12]
D210 210 Top D210T0.7 SHV107 4:L0.7 3-7 B-4 evt.TDC[hit #][13]
Bottom D210B0.8 SHV108 4:L0.8 1-7 B-5 evt.TDC[hit #][14]
D234 234 Top D234T2.3 SHV2.3 6:L2.3 3-8 B-6 evt.TDC[hit #][15]
Bottom D234B2.4 SHV2.4 6:L2.4 2-8 B-7 evt.TDC[hit #][16]
D258 258 Top D258T2.5 SHV2.5 6:L2.5 2-10 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][17]
Bottom D258B2.6 SHV2.6 6:L2.6 1-8 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][18]
D282 282 Top D282T1.7 SHV1.7 5:L1.7 3-10 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][19]
Bottom D282B1.8 SHV1.8 5:L1.8 2-13 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][20]
D306 306 Top D306T1.3 SHV203 5:L1.3 2-15 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][21]
Bottom D306B1.4 SHV204 5:L1.4 1-10 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][22]
D330 330 Top D330T1.5 shv205 5:L1.5 3-13 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][23]
Bottom D330B1.6 shv206 5:L1.6 1-15 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][24]
200 ns Pulse B-6 R1DC->Draw("(TDC.TDC1190[2][31]-TDC.TDC1190[1][31])*0.1")
TDC start (beam gun) evt.TDC1190[1][32]
He3Tube R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[1][28]/10)");FF->Draw("PADC785N[3]")

2016 run on 44 MeV

Detector layout

2nCorApp 081216.png

The Xfig file for the above figure : Media:2nCorApp_081216.xfig.txt

Map for detectors-cables-TDC channels- ROOT variable

Detector Phi Angle (Degrees) PMT Position Signal cable label HV cable label HV channel on Lecroy Mainframe LED CH VNIM-ECL channel ROOT variable
D30 30 Top D30T001 SHV101 4:L0.1 0 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][1]
Bottom D30B002 SHV102 4:L0.2 1 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][2]
D60 60 Top
D90 90 Top D90T003 SHV103 4:L0.3 2 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][3]
Bottom D90B004 SHV104 4:L0.4 3 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][4]
D120 120 Top D120T201 SHV201 5:L1.1 8 B-0 evt.TDC[hit #][9]
Bottom D120B202 SHV202 5:L1.2 9 B-1 evt.TDC[hit #][10]
D150 150 Top D150T005 SHV105 4:L0.5 4 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][5]
Bottom D150B006 SHV106 4:L0.6 5 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][6]
D210 210 Top D225T007 SHV107 4:L0.7 6 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][7]
Bottom D225B008 SHV108 4:L0.8 7 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][8]
D240 240 Top
D270 270 Top D270T203 SHV203 5:L1.3 10 B-2 evt.TDC[hit #][11]
Bottom D270B204 SHV204 5:L1.4 11 B-3 evt.TDC[hit #][12]
D300 300 Top
D330 330 Top pch. pnl. 223E1 shv205 5:L1.5 B-4 evt.TDC[hit #][13]
Bottom pch. pnl 223E7 shv206 5:L1.6 B-5 evt.TDC[hit #][14]
200 ns Pulse R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[2][16]-evt.TDC1190[1][16]





e+e- spectrometer

PNNL HpGe X-cooler


Detector As Built



GE He-3 detector

File:GE ReuterStokes.pdf


DAQ electronics

Signal Processing



The pulse forming stage of the discriminator produces an output pulse whose width is adjustable in a range from 5 ns to 40 ns. Each channel can work both in Updating and Non-Updating mode according to on-board jumpers position. The discriminator thresholds are individually settable in a range from -1 mV to -255 mV (1 mV step), via an 8-bit DAC. The minimum detectable signal is -5 mV. The back panel houses VETO and TEST inputs, the OR output and the Current Sum output, which generates a current proportional to the input multiplicity, i. e. to the number of channels over threshold, at a rate of -1.0 mA per hit (-50 mV per hit into a 50 Ohm load) ±20%.

File:CAEN N841 Manual.pdf

LED output pulse width [arb. units] Pulse width seen by the oscscope [ns]
10 6.3
20 6.6
40 7.1
60 7.6
90 8.5
120 9.5
160 12.0
190 15.1
230 24.8
250 43.5

NIM-ECL converter

Phillips Model 726

File:Phillip 726 Nim2ECL.pdf


TDC VME addresses

TDC1 = 1280

TDC2 = 2391

Detector name convention

BLUT = Beam Left Upstream Top pmt


TDC channel Map (Thursday)
Detector Angle TDC channel NIM-ECL channel Patch Pannel # ROOT vaiable
BLUT 135 TDC 16 in B ch 0 223A6 evt.TDC[16]
BLUB 135 TDC 17 in B ch 1 223A7 evt.TDC[17]
BRT 270 TDC 24 in A ch 0 223A14 evt.TDC[24]
BRB 270 TDC 25 in A ch 1 223A15 evt.TDC[25]
BLDT 45 TDC 26 in A ch 2 223A16 evt.TDC[26]
BLDB 45 TDC 27 in A ch 3 223A17 evt.TDC[27]
Trig Delay TDC 30 in A ch 6 evt.TDC[30]
Photon flux monitor 90 TDC 29 in A ch 5 223A10 evt.TDC[29]


TDC channel Map 3/24/15
Detector Angle Single hit TDC channel LED channel NIM-ECL channel Patch Pannel # ROOT vaiable MultiHit TDC channel
1 top (BRT) 270 24 0 in A ch 0 223A5 evt.TDC[24] 8
1 bottom (BRB) 270 25 1 in A ch 1 223A6 evt.TDC[25] 9
2 top BLDT 45 16 2 in B ch 0 223A7 evt.TDC[16] 0
2 bottom BLDB 45 17 3 in B ch 1 223A8 evt.TDC[17] 1
3 top 60 26 4 in A ch 2 223A9 evt.TDC[26] 10
3 bottom 60 27 5 in A ch 3 223A10 evt.TDC[27] 11
4 top BLUT 135 18 6 in B ch 2 223A11 evt.TDC[18] 2
4 bottom BLUB 135 19 7 in B ch 3 223A12 evt.TDC[19] 3
5 upstream 135 20 10 in B ch 4 223A15 evt.TDC[20] 4
5 downstream 135 21 11 in B ch 5 223A16 evt.TDC[21] 5
6 upstream 135 30 12 in A ch 6 223A17 evt.TDC[30] 14
6 downstream 135 31 13 in A ch 7 223A18 evt.TDC[31] 15
e+ spect 29 9 in A ch 5 223A14 evt.TDC[29] 13
Trig Delay 22 14 in B ch 6 evt.TDC[22] 6

DAQ pics

TDC calibration


Multi hit TDC timing

Wiring Work

  • 3/25/2015
    • Sean and Glen examined all of the signals from detectors 1 through 6
    • We used the signal from the LEMO cables that go directly into the discriminator
    • We also used the scope's Acquire->Average option and set the average to 512; This allowed for a more reliable comparison between signals
      • Note that the threshold can be adjusted and that the average will be biased toward smaller pulse heights if there is a lot of noise
    • Found an RG-62 cable connected between the bottom PMT of Det 3 and the patch panel A10
      • Replaced with RG-58 cable
    • A10 cable also found to be RG-58 from the experiment room to the counting room; Signal on 3B was degraded in the control room
      • Changed to A19 (RG-223 the whole length) and the signal looked similar to the others
    • Found that detector 5 top and bottom both were small and have the ~12 ns ringing
      • Increased voltage to 1500V
      • The non-extending gates from the discriminator will help with this
      • Recommend a gate width of 20 to 25 ns from the discriminator to eliminate double pulsing from ringing on Det 5
      • Should not matter for other detectors
      • Will also not affect high energy neutrons since 6 MeV neutrons are 30 ns ToF at 1 meter
    • When testing was complete, verified that all cables are associated with the appropriate detector
    • Top/Bottom, Upstream/Downstream should not have been reversed for any detectors in the process but that has not been confirmed; this should be correctable in software

SHV Pasternack connector 4100


BNC Pasternack connector 4944 RG55



High Voltage Main Frame

Lecroy HV mainfram PS


Channels 4-0 through 4-11 and 5-0 through 5-11 were tested successfully on 03/3/16.


Beam spot flags

Below is a picture of the three "flags" that you can use to the beam spot size using a phosphorus screen.

Flag5-6 44MeVmachine IAC 9-11-2016.png


here is the raw C code for "evio2nt", which is the program we use to create a ROOT tree from a .dat file.

Ntuple maker

To make the Tree containing the TDC, QDC, and PDC data run the following command

source ~/CODA/setup
/home/daq/CODA/CODAreader/ROOT_V5.30/v775v792v785/evio2nt -fr8735.dat >/dev/null

rename the output file to a root file

mv r8735 r8735.root
root -l r8735.root

to draw a histogram for TDC channel 16


for the multihit TDC data taken with daq2

CODA/CODAreader/ROOT_V5.30/R1DC/evio2nt -fr4516.dat > /dev/null



On 4/9/2015 the above should be 4000 channel = 400 ns

Analyzing MultiHit TDC runs

setup ROOT on daq 2

source ~/src/root/root-5.34.00/bin/thisroot.csh 

IN run 4481 the time difference between the two fake stop pulses seems to be 205.8 ns


The relative time of a hit in detector 1 top is given relative to the first fake stop hit using the command


Doing the same plot above but this time sending it to a histogram with 1 ns bins

R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[1][8]-evt.TDC1190[1][6])/10 >> (1000,0,1000)")