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Apparatus Map

2017 IAC run on the 44 machine

Signal cable timing

ToF test with CF-252


Detector layout


Map for detectors-cables-TDC channels- ROOT variable

Detector Phi Angle (Degrees) PMT Position Signal cable label HV cable label HV channel on Lecroy Mainframe LED CH VNIM-ECL channel ROOT variable
D30 30 Top D30T0.1 SHV101 4:L0.1 0 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][1]
Bottom D30B0.2 SHV102 4:L0.2 0 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][2]
D54 54 Top D54T2.1 SHV2.1 6:L2.1 2 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][3]
Bottom D54B2.2 SHV2.2 6:L2.2 1-0 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][4]
D78 78 Top D78T0.3 SHV103 4:L0.3 3-2 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][5]
Bottom D78B0.4 SHV104 4:L0.4 1-2 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][6]
D102 102 Top D102T1.1 SHV1.1 5:L1.1 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][7]
Bottom D102B1.2 SHV1.2 5:L1.2 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][8]
D126 126 Top D126T1.9 SHV1.9 5:L1.9 3-5 B-0 evt.TDC[hit #][9]
Bottom D126B1.10 SHV1.10 5:L1.10 2-5 B-1 evt.TDC[hit #][10]
D150 150 Top D150T0.5 SHV105 4:L0.5 2-7 B-2 evt.TDC[hit #][11]
Bottom D150B0.6 SHV106 4:L0.6 1-5 B-3 evt.TDC[hit #][12]
D210 210 Top D210T0.7 SHV107 4:L0.7 3-7 B-4 evt.TDC[hit #][13]
Bottom D210B0.8 SHV108 4:L0.8 1-7 B-5 evt.TDC[hit #][14]
D234 234 Top D234T2.3 SHV2.3 6:L2.3 3-8 B-6 evt.TDC[hit #][15]
Bottom D234B2.4 SHV2.4 6:L2.4 2-8 B-7 evt.TDC[hit #][16]
D258 258 Top D258T2.5 SHV2.5 6:L2.5 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][17]
Bottom D258B2.6 SHV2.6 6:L2.6 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][18]
D282 282 Top D282T1.7 SHV1.7 5:L1.7 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][19]
Bottom D282B1.8 SHV1.8 5:L1.8 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][20]
D306 306 Top D306T1.3 SHV203 5:L1.3 10 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][21]
Bottom D306B1.4 SHV204 5:L1.4 11 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][22]
D330 330 Top D330T1.5 shv205 5:L1.5 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][23]
Bottom D330B1.6 shv206 5:L1.6 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][24]
200 ns Pulse R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[2][31]-evt.TDC1190[1][31])*0.1")
TDC start (beam gun) evt.TDC1190[1][32]

2016 run on 44 MeV

Detector layout

2nCorApp 081216.png

The Xfig file for the above figure : Media:2nCorApp_081216.xfig.txt

Map for detectors-cables-TDC channels- ROOT variable

Detector Phi Angle (Degrees) PMT Position Signal cable label HV cable label HV channel on Lecroy Mainframe LED CH VNIM-ECL channel ROOT variable
D30 30 Top D30T001 SHV101 4:L0.1 0 A-0 evt.TDC[hit #][1]
Bottom D30B002 SHV102 4:L0.2 1 A-1 evt.TDC[hit #][2]
D60 60 Top
D90 90 Top D90T003 SHV103 4:L0.3 2 A-2 evt.TDC[hit #][3]
Bottom D90B004 SHV104 4:L0.4 3 A-3 evt.TDC[hit #][4]
D120 120 Top D120T201 SHV201 5:L1.1 8 B-0 evt.TDC[hit #][9]
Bottom D120B202 SHV202 5:L1.2 9 B-1 evt.TDC[hit #][10]
D150 150 Top D150T005 SHV105 4:L0.5 4 A-4 evt.TDC[hit #][5]
Bottom D150B006 SHV106 4:L0.6 5 A-5 evt.TDC[hit #][6]
D210 210 Top D225T007 SHV107 4:L0.7 6 A-6 evt.TDC[hit #][7]
Bottom D225B008 SHV108 4:L0.8 7 A-7 evt.TDC[hit #][8]
D240 240 Top
D270 270 Top D270T203 SHV203 5:L1.3 10 B-2 evt.TDC[hit #][11]
Bottom D270B204 SHV204 5:L1.4 11 B-3 evt.TDC[hit #][12]
D300 300 Top
D330 330 Top pch. pnl. 223E1 shv205 5:L1.5 B-4 evt.TDC[hit #][13]
Bottom pch. pnl 223E7 shv206 5:L1.6 B-5 evt.TDC[hit #][14]
200 ns Pulse R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[2][16]-evt.TDC1190[1][16]





e+e- spectrometer

PNNL HpGe X-cooler


Detector As Built



DAQ electronics

Signal Processing



The pulse forming stage of the discriminator produces an output pulse whose width is adjustable in a range from 5 ns to 40 ns. Each channel can work both in Updating and Non-Updating mode according to on-board jumpers position. The discriminator thresholds are individually settable in a range from -1 mV to -255 mV (1 mV step), via an 8-bit DAC. The minimum detectable signal is -5 mV. The back panel houses VETO and TEST inputs, the OR output and the Current Sum output, which generates a current proportional to the input multiplicity, i. e. to the number of channels over threshold, at a rate of -1.0 mA per hit (-50 mV per hit into a 50 Ohm load) ±20%.

File:CAEN N841 Manual.pdf

LED output pulse width [arb. units] Pulse width seen by the oscscope [ns]
10 6.3
20 6.6
40 7.1
60 7.6
90 8.5
120 9.5
160 12.0
190 15.1
230 24.8
250 43.5

NIM-ECL converter

Phillips Model 726

File:Phillip 726 Nim2ECL.pdf


TDC VME addresses

TDC1 = 1280

TDC2 = 2391

Detector name convention

BLUT = Beam Left Upstream Top pmt


TDC channel Map (Thursday)
Detector Angle TDC channel NIM-ECL channel Patch Pannel # ROOT vaiable
BLUT 135 TDC 16 in B ch 0 223A6 evt.TDC[16]
BLUB 135 TDC 17 in B ch 1 223A7 evt.TDC[17]
BRT 270 TDC 24 in A ch 0 223A14 evt.TDC[24]
BRB 270 TDC 25 in A ch 1 223A15 evt.TDC[25]
BLDT 45 TDC 26 in A ch 2 223A16 evt.TDC[26]
BLDB 45 TDC 27 in A ch 3 223A17 evt.TDC[27]
Trig Delay TDC 30 in A ch 6 evt.TDC[30]
Photon flux monitor 90 TDC 29 in A ch 5 223A10 evt.TDC[29]


TDC channel Map 3/24/15
Detector Angle Single hit TDC channel LED channel NIM-ECL channel Patch Pannel # ROOT vaiable MultiHit TDC channel
1 top (BRT) 270 24 0 in A ch 0 223A5 evt.TDC[24] 8
1 bottom (BRB) 270 25 1 in A ch 1 223A6 evt.TDC[25] 9
2 top BLDT 45 16 2 in B ch 0 223A7 evt.TDC[16] 0
2 bottom BLDB 45 17 3 in B ch 1 223A8 evt.TDC[17] 1
3 top 60 26 4 in A ch 2 223A9 evt.TDC[26] 10
3 bottom 60 27 5 in A ch 3 223A10 evt.TDC[27] 11
4 top BLUT 135 18 6 in B ch 2 223A11 evt.TDC[18] 2
4 bottom BLUB 135 19 7 in B ch 3 223A12 evt.TDC[19] 3
5 upstream 135 20 10 in B ch 4 223A15 evt.TDC[20] 4
5 downstream 135 21 11 in B ch 5 223A16 evt.TDC[21] 5
6 upstream 135 30 12 in A ch 6 223A17 evt.TDC[30] 14
6 downstream 135 31 13 in A ch 7 223A18 evt.TDC[31] 15
e+ spect 29 9 in A ch 5 223A14 evt.TDC[29] 13
Trig Delay 22 14 in B ch 6 evt.TDC[22] 6

DAQ pics

TDC calibration


Multi hit TDC timing

Wiring Work

  • 3/25/2015
    • Sean and Glen examined all of the signals from detectors 1 through 6
    • We used the signal from the LEMO cables that go directly into the discriminator
    • We also used the scope's Acquire->Average option and set the average to 512; This allowed for a more reliable comparison between signals
      • Note that the threshold can be adjusted and that the average will be biased toward smaller pulse heights if there is a lot of noise
    • Found an RG-62 cable connected between the bottom PMT of Det 3 and the patch panel A10
      • Replaced with RG-58 cable
    • A10 cable also found to be RG-58 from the experiment room to the counting room; Signal on 3B was degraded in the control room
      • Changed to A19 (RG-223 the whole length) and the signal looked similar to the others
    • Found that detector 5 top and bottom both were small and have the ~12 ns ringing
      • Increased voltage to 1500V
      • The non-extending gates from the discriminator will help with this
      • Recommend a gate width of 20 to 25 ns from the discriminator to eliminate double pulsing from ringing on Det 5
      • Should not matter for other detectors
      • Will also not affect high energy neutrons since 6 MeV neutrons are 30 ns ToF at 1 meter
    • When testing was complete, verified that all cables are associated with the appropriate detector
    • Top/Bottom, Upstream/Downstream should not have been reversed for any detectors in the process but that has not been confirmed; this should be correctable in software

SHV Pasternack connector 4100


BNC Pasternack connector 4944 RG55



High Voltage Main Frame

Lecroy HV mainfram PS


Channels 4-0 through 4-11 and 5-0 through 5-11 were tested successfully on 03/3/16.


Beam spot flags

Below is a picture of the three "flags" that you can use to the beam spot size using a phosphorus screen.

Flag5-6 44MeVmachine IAC 9-11-2016.png


here is the raw C code for "evio2nt", which is the program we use to create a ROOT tree from a .dat file.

Ntuple maker

To make the Tree containing the TDC, QDC, and PDC data run the following command

source ~/CODA/setup
/home/daq/CODA/CODAreader/ROOT_V5.30/v775v792v785/evio2nt -fr8735.dat >/dev/null

rename the output file to a root file

mv r8735 r8735.root
root -l r8735.root

to draw a histogram for TDC channel 16


for the multihit TDC data taken with daq2

CODA/CODAreader/ROOT_V5.30/R1DC/evio2nt -fr4516.dat > /dev/null



On 4/9/2015 the above should be 4000 channel = 400 ns

Analyzing MultiHit TDC runs

setup ROOT on daq 2

source ~/src/root/root-5.34.00/bin/thisroot.csh 

IN run 4481 the time difference between the two fake stop pulses seems to be 205.8 ns


The relative time of a hit in detector 1 top is given relative to the first fake stop hit using the command


Doing the same plot above but this time sending it to a histogram with 1 ns bins

R1DC->Draw("(evt.TDC1190[1][8]-evt.TDC1190[1][6])/10 >> (1000,0,1000)")