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S2: 17 wires; 6 field, 11 sense

SL1 - 6 field, 9 sense

SL2 - 2 sense (done)

S3: 16 wires; 14 field, 2 sense

SL2 - 4 field, 1 sense

Total wires left to replace between both chambers: 16

S2 determine if we are ready to rotate (will continue working on S2 in December) S3 ready to align SL2

Prepare to Ship 2 chambers

S6 is boxed up and ready to go on a pallet

S5: Pictures taken on most sense wires, SL1 has almost 3 Ua of current draw (need to debug), need to box it up unless we ship S1.

Ship back equipment: ship one of the A-Frames and associated equipment for stringing one chamber.


S3 stringing is done.

David - Preparing for potting on S3 - remove magnet, stringing machine and rail, setup potting equipment & start on top side of S3.

Haitham - Trace, cut, and tape on dust covers for S5's HVB's.

Derrick - 1 palette mostly constructed, should have a second done by the end of this weekend. Will need 3 ready before 11/26.