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[[file:10272011_Temp1.png | 400 px]]
[[file:10272011_Temp1.png | 400 px]]
84 wires were strung today.
[[file:10282011_Temp1.png | 400 px]]
98 wires were strung today.
[[file:10312011_Temp1.png | 400 px]]
[[ CLAS12_R1]]
[[ PhysicsCleanRoomParticleCountLog | ISU - Clean Room Particle Count Log]]

Latest revision as of 22:46, 31 October 2011


124 guard wires were strung today.

10032011 CleanroomTemperature.png


100411 DFStringing1.jpg 100411 DFStringing2.jpg

90 guard wires were strung today.

All guard wires have been strung.

The chamber has been rotated and we will start stringing field wires tomorrow.

10042011 CleanroomTemperatures.png


48 field wires were strung today. Tension measurements were made for all of these wires also.

Temperature measurements are odd and are a concern. Will continue to monitor this. Possibly the heat created by the magnet and it's proximity to the temperature sensor?

10052011 CleanroomTemperatures.png


49 field wires were strung today as well as 8 redo's.

10062011 CleanroomTemperatures.png


10072011 Marcie Stringing.jpg 10072011 Mallory Stringing.jpg

63 wires were strung today.

10072011 CleanroomTemperatures.png

14:00 on the temperature graph is 8:00 AM.


In an effort to increase the speed and accuracy of the tensioner, I (Larry) made this little do-hicky:

10102011 Do Hicky1.jpg 10102011 Do Hicky2.jpg

This is a Fiskars 6"x24" Acrylic Ruler with black foam board glued to the backside. I used a heat gun to bend it 90°. I was just trying this out to see how well it works. If my stringers like it, I will remove the foam board and paint the backside black.

The lines on the acrylic ruler allow a stringer to more easily position the wire perpendicular to the end plate when adjusting the pulley used for hanging weights.

The glossy finish might pose a problem, but we will give it a try and see how it works out.

Temperatures this afternoon climbed up to 71.7°. This does not show up on the 5 minute average, so here is the 1 minute average.

10102011 CleanroomTemperature 1.png

Temperature sensitivity (%Delta;t) was changed to ±1° at around 12:45 PM. Will continue to monitor this.

Changing the sensitivity caused our average to drop about 0.5° but the amplitude of our fluctuations decreased. The minimum is lower than I would like, so the sensitivity is being changed back to ±2° at 3:20 PM.

10102011 CleanroomTemperature 2.png

The HVAC filters showed up this afternoon, so this is being replaced. I will continue to monitor temperatures tomorrow. If temperatures climb back up to 72° again, I will change our sensitivity back down to ±1° as well as change our temperature setpoint to 69° (up 1°) in an attempt to keep our average closer to 70°.

63 field wires were strung today.


It appears that changing our HVAC filter dropped our average temperature to 69° with fluctuations of ±1°.

10112011 CleanroomTemperature 1.png 10112011 CleanroomTemperature 2.png

The temperature setpoint is being increased to 69° in an attempt to get our average to 70°. This was done around 9 AM.

This change did not work as hoped for. This 1° change in our setpoint increased our cleanroom average temperature to 71° with fluctuations of ±1°.

10112011 CleanroomTemperature 3.png

There was no stringing done this morning.

The temperature set point was changed back to 68°. The average temperature did not drop back down to 69°, but only dropped down to 70°.

10112011 CleanroomTemperature 4.png

Stringing resumed once temperatures stayed within acceptable levels (~11 AM).

Average temperatures remained right at 70° with ±1° fluctuations the remainder of the day, even with both of us stringing and measuring tensions.

10112011 CleanroomTemperature 5.png 10112011 CleanroomTemperature 6.png

Even with no stringing this morning, Marcie and I still managed to string 63 wires today.


Temperatures look much better this morning. Screenshots were taken at 8:45 AM.

10122011 Temp1.png 10122011 Temp2.png

It was just me (Larry) stringing today, but I still managed to string 42 wires.

My do-hicky seems to be working out well (see pics at 10/10/11). It seems to speed up tensioning wires. Marcie likes it as well.

10122011 Temp3.png


63 wires were strung today.

10132011 Temp1.png


98 wires were strung today.

After measuring tension for an extended period of time, temperatures started to climb past 71°. They still remained under 72°.

10142011 Temp1.png 10142011 Temp2.png

While working as the bottom stringer, I noticed my cleanroom cap making contact with the crimp pins near the nose. This prompted me to find a way to prevent any further contact with the crimp pins. My solution was to cut out a piece of my black foam board and attaching it to the rails of the endplate. The crimp pins did not appear to protrude past the endplate rails and the double sided tape used to keep the board attached to the rails are about 2mm thick, so there shouldn't be any contact with the board and the crimp pins. I also verified this visually.

10142011 Board.jpg

This was just a simple, quick, and temporary way to solve this problem. A more permanent solution will be made once I am afforded the time. Maybe a thin sheet of aluminum with 1/8" spacers.


We had a late start today. Only managed to do 63 wires today.

10172011 Temp1.png


Slow day today. Only 35 wires done today.

The magnet was on for an extended period of time and we saw an increase in our temperatures again. I will need to increase the frequency of our tension measurements in an attempt to avoid keeping the magnet on for too long.

10182011 Temp1.png 10182011 Temp2.png

Here is a screenshot of our scope during tension measurements:

10182011 Tension SS.png


70 wires were strung today.

We sorted through our stringer applicants (total 23 applicants) and are scheduling interviews over the next 2 days.

10192011 Temp1.png


56 wires were strung today.

10212011 Temp1.png


63 wires were strung today.

10212011 Temp2.png


Measured all tensions from Friday, including the weekly trend test.

10222011 Temp1.png


77 wires were strung today.

10242011 Pic1.png 10242011 Pic2.png

10242011 Temp1.png


84 wires were strung today.

10252011 Temp1.png

Due to the construction in the adjacent room and the increase in our particle counts, the decision was made to replace all of our pre-filters. The decrease in our particle counts this evening almost caused me to change my mind and not replace the filters, but I decided to continue.

Most of the filters were dirty, but they were not too bad. The old filters were the allergen type filters (1200 rating?) and they were replaced with 600 rating filters. We'll see how our particle counts and temperatures are affected.

Filter replacement was done after all work for the day was finished.


Since we were short a stringer (Marcie was sick), Mallory and I spent the morning looking for crossed wires, fixing them, and checking tensions. With the small amount of time I had left, I strung 14 wires.

10262011 Temp2.png


112 wires were strung today.

10272011 Temp1.png


84 wires were strung today.

10282011 Temp1.png


98 wires were strung today.

400 px



ISU - Clean Room Particle Count Log