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==Detector Occupancy==
==Detector Occupancy==
===[[Comparing With Whitney Rates]]===
===[[Comparing With Whitney Rates|Whitney Rates]]===
===[[GEANT Moller Simulations Comparison]]===
===[[GEANT Moller Simulations Comparison]]===

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Moller Scattering

Moller Scattering Definition



Moller Differential Cross-Section

GEANT4 Simulation of Moller Scattering

LH2 Target

Simulation Setup

NH2 Target

LH2 Vs. NH3

Effects Due to Target Material

Target Density

Atomic Mass and Electron Number Effects

Differential Cross-Section Offset

Weighted Isotropic Distribution in Lab Frame

GEMC Simulation

Drift Chamber

Determining wire-theta correspondence

CED Verification of DC Angle Theta and Wire Correspondance

DC Super Layer 1:Layer 1

DC Binning Based On Wire Numbers

Detector Occupancy

Whitney Rates

GEANT Moller Simulations Comparison

Comparison of GEANT Simulation to Whitney Data

Isotropic Weighted Moller Distribution in GEMC