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====[[DC Super Layer 1:Layer 1]]====
====[[DC Super Layer 1:Layer 1]]====
====Binning based on wire numbers====
====[[DC Binning Based On Wire Numbers]]====
The bin size based on wire number will need to be a uniform width of 1, as in an increment of 1 between the integer values of the wires.  This uniformity in bin size based on wire numbers is not uniform when viewed by the angle theta due to the Drift Chamber geometry discussed earlier.
Modifying evioreader
TF1 *fit_function=new TF1("fit_function","[0]+[1]*x+[2]*x*x+[3]*x*x*x",4.49876,41.12592);
TGaxis *A1 = new TGaxis(0,5000,113,5000,"fit_function",510,"-");
A1->SetTitle("Angle Theta(degrees)");
Using the expression for n in terms of Theta:
<center><math>n = \frac{-957.412}{\tan{ \theta}+2.14437}+430.626</math></center>
This relationship can be used to multiply each Moller Scattering angle theta in the lab frame, with it's differential cross-section weight, to find the Moller differential cross-section as a function of wire number in the lab frame.
==Detector Occupancy==
==Detector Occupancy==

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