Theta Dependent Components

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[math]\vartriangleleft [/math] [math]\triangle [/math] [math]\vartriangleright [/math] Theta Dependent Components

Xz lab.png
Figure 3: Definition of Moller electron variables in the CM Frame in the x-z plane.
Using [math]\theta '_2=\arccos \left(\frac{p^'_{2(z)}}{p^'_{2}}\right)[/math]

[math]\Longrightarrow {p^'_{2(z)}=p^'_{2}\cos(\theta '_2)}[/math]

Checking on the sign resulting from the cosine function, we are limited to:

[math]90^\circ \le \theta '_2 \le 180^\circ \equiv \frac{\pi}{2} \le \theta '_2 \le \pi Radians[/math]


[math]\frac{p^'_{2(z)}}{p^'_{2}}=cos(\theta '_2)[/math]

[math]\Longrightarrow p^'_{2(z)}\ should\ always\ be\ negative[/math]


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