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Detector Images

Detector Images
Re1eetSpotOn.png RecSwetOff.png
No Events Solenoid On with a proton and electron event

Inclusive electron scattering

Sweet spot

Send electrons only at the center of a single sector.

<option name="BEAM_P" value="e-, 6.0*GeV, 25.0*deg, 0*deg"/>

<option name="SPREAD_P" value="4.0*GeV, 0*deg, 0*deg"/>

The generated plots are going to be centered at one point. For Theta that is 25 degrees. For Phi that is 0 degrees. There are 323,066 generated events for no solenoid. There are 573,362 generated events for solenoid on.

Reconstructed 1D No Solenoid
RecPhiOff1D.png RecThetaOff1D.png
Rec Phi Off Rec Theta Off

OnOverOff1D.png ThetaOnOverOff1D.png
Phi On Over Off Theta On Over Off
zoom in 24 < theta < 26 and -15 < phi < 15
Reconstruction efficiency
RecSweetSpotOn.png RecSweetSpotOff.png SweetSpotEff.png
Reconstructed with no solenoid Reconstructed with solenoid solenoid off divided by solenoid on
zoom in like above and do efficiency plots like below for on/off solenoid

Inclusive Track Reconstruction efficiencies

Plot the reconstruction efficiency for an electron as a function of the angles Theta and Phi

I used the following: UBUNTU 14, coat-java-1.0

No Solenoid gcard:

angle spans 25 +/- 15

File:TS NoSolGcard 022916.txt

File:TS SolGcard 022916.txt gcard for Solenoid

Solenoid Off

Question for Same Number of Events ran:Why is their a discrepancy between the number of events in solenoid vs no solenoid? I ran 975,000 events for both.

Reconstruction efficiency
ThetaPhiNoSolGen.png ThetaPhiRecNoSol.png ThetaPhiDivNoSol.png NSEffZoom.png
Generated with no solenoid. 824,979 Events Reconstructed with no solenoid. 609,106 Events reconstructed divided by generated with no solenoid 200 Bins, 40 Bins. Zoomed in version of the efficiency.

Solenoid On

Reconstruction efficiency
ThetaPhiGenSol.png ThetaPhiRecSol.png DivThetaPhiSol.png SolEffZoom.png
Generated with solenoid. Reconstructed with solenoid. reconstructed divided by generated with solenoid. 80 Bins, 20 Bins. Zoomed in version of the efficiency.

Ratio Solenoid Off / On

NOTE: The reason the division is at around 5 is because for some reason there were 5x the amount of no solenoid events vs solenoid events. I ran 975,000 events for both no solenoid and solenoid, but a reasonable ~500,000 came out for no solenoid. For some reason only ~100,000 came out for solenoid.

directly divide reconstructed solenoid off by reconstructed solenoid on

No solenoid reconstructed divided by solenoid reconstructed.

Ratio Off/On
RecOFfDivRecOnUnzoomed.png RecOffRecOnZoomed.png.png
Bins 400 x 50. Bins 3 x 1 .

directly divide reconstructed solenoid off by reconstructed solenoid on that has been multiplied by (825/150)

Phi angle shift

Phi angle Solenoid on - off difference

spread from 0 to 5 GeV.


Why does the Solenoid off events only extend to 25 degrees whereas the solenoid on go to 40.

Vertex Reconstruction

Elastic Electrons from origin

Efficiency plots for Elasticlly scattered electrons when incident electron energy was 11 GeV

using the file ReconElasticExclusive_FromOrigin.LUND

Solenoid On

nohup gemc -USE_GUI=0 -INPUT_GEN_FILE="LUND,ReconElasticExclusive_FromOrigin.LUND" -N=75000 shift.gcard > /dev/null &

Reconstruction efficiency
Gen Elastic.png Recon Elastic.png RecDivGen.png|
Generated with solenoid. Reconstructed with solenoid. reconstructed divided by generated with solenoid. 16 Bins, 4 Bins.

Elastics from Dual Target

 Generated and reconstructed separate Plots of  sqrt(Vx^2+Vy^2) -vs- Vz

With Beam rastering


Simulation commands

cd ~/src/CLAS/GEMC
source setup
cd experiments/eg12/lh2
gemc -HALL_MATERIAL="Vacuum" eg12.gcard
gemc -USE_GUI=0 -HALL_MATERIAL="Vacuum" -N=10 eg12.gcard

to edit files

emacs -nw filename

without solenoid

~/src/CLAS/coatjava-1.0/bin/clas12-reconstruction -config DCHB::torus=1.0 -config DCHB::solenoid=0.0 -config DCTB::kalman=true  -s DCHB:DCTB:EC:FTOF:EB -config DATA::mc=true -i eg12.ev -o eg12_rec.evio

with solenoid

~/src/CLAS/coatjava-1.0/bin/clas12-reconstruction -s FMT:DCHB:DCTB:FTOF:EC:EB -config MAG::fields=nomina  -config DATA::mc=true -i eg12_5GeVe.evio -o eg12_rec.evio

evio analysis program

~/src/CLAS/coatjava-1.0/bin/run-groovy Analysis.groovy eg12_rec.0.evio

dump file contents

~/src/CLAS/coatjava-1.0/bin/evio-dump -i eg12_rec.0.evio

batch job cheat

nohup gemc -USE_GUI=0 -HALL_MATERIAL="Vacuum" -N=75000 eg12.gcard > /dev/null &

Analysis commands

cat Analysis.groovy Analysis.groovy.old1 Sim.dat > trash

Converting files to ROOT

~/src/CLAS/coatjava-1.0/bin/run-groovy Evio2Text.groovy eg12_rec.0.evio > Sim.dat

edit Sim.dat and remove the first few lines until you have only numbers

minerve2:~/src/CLAS/GEMC/experiments/eg12/lh2> root -l

root [0] .L Asci2Root.C

root [1] Asci2Root("Sim.dat");

Using ROOT to analyze a file

minerve2:~/src/CLAS/GEMC/experiments/eg12/lh2> root -l Sim.root

root [0] Attaching file Sim.root as _file0...

root [1] new TBrowser();

root [2] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta");

root [3] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta:evt.Phi");

root [4] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta:evt.Phi","","colz");

root [5] TH2D *Rec=new TH2D("Rec","Rec",400,-200,200, 50, 0,50);

root [6] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta:evt.Phi>>Rec","","colz");

root [7] TH2D *Gen=new TH2D("Gen","Gen",400,-200,200, 50, 0,50);

root [9] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta:evt.Phi>>Gen","","colz");

root [10] Gen->Draw("colz")

root [11] Rec->Draw("colz")

root [12] Rec->Divide(Gen)

root [4] TH1D *RecPhi=new TH1D("RecPhi","RecPhi",400, -200,200); root [5] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Phi>>RecPhi");

root [5] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Phi>>RecPhi","10");

go to Generated Events File

root [8] CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Phi>>GenPhi"); root [9] RecPhi->Divide(GenPhi);

return to ROOT file with reconstructed events and do

root [6] RecPhi->Divide(GenPhi); root [7] RecPhi->Draw();


Int_t colors[3];





File Type Search:

find . -type f -name "*.txt"

CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta >> Gen(20,15,35)");
CLAS12Sim->Draw("evt.Theta >> Rec(20,15,35)");

scp to laptop

scp stoktyle@minerve2.cose.isu.edu:src/CLAS/GEMC/experiments/eg12/lh2/Sim.root ./