SeRun 02-13-17

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Irradiation Data

Accelerator was on for 8 hours and turned off at 4:02 pm

Here are the specifications on the soil and selenium targets

Target Prep February 2017



Selenium Irradiation Setup for MCNP simulations:



MCNP results for photon flux through the samples (electron beam energy is 21 MeV, energy bins are 100 keV, selenium density is 4.2 g/cc, selenium sample is cylindrical, 2 cm in diameter, 2 cm in height):

The selenium disk has a diameter of 0.5 cm and a thickness of about 2 mm


Cross-sections for various reactions (adopted from TALYS):


Production rate (1/sec) in 1 gram of natural Se (or natural Ni) assuming 22 MeV 1 microA current

Tube 1 Tube 2 Tube 3 Tube 4
Ni-57 1.8x10^5 3.4x10^4 5.5x10^3 6.0x10^3
Se-79 1.5x10^6 2.7x10^5 6.2x10^4 6.0x10^4
Se-75 1.2x10^6 2.3x10^5 4.6x10^4 4.6x10^4
Se-80 1.4x10^6 2.4x10^5 5.9x10^4 5.6x10^4

Yields of Ni-57 and some selenium isotopes assuming 22 MeV 1 microA current:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg