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Startup CODA's processes



Running CODA 3.08

Step 1

Make sure platform is running


Step 2


Step 3

login to the ROC

ssh rocdaq2

cd CODA/3.08

source setup.coda

on ROC type 

coda_roc_32 -name ROC1 -type ROC

Step 4

on host computer type 

coda_emu_peb PEB1

Should be up and running now.

go to rcgui and configure

error messages:

  • PEB1
    • Not connected to the client. Possible restart/power-cycle of the client might be required.
  • rcGui-56
    • Configure in progress
    • Supervisor is assigned. Waiting for the supervisor "configured" state.
  • sms_SIS3302
    • transition failed. PEB1 is in state disconnected. Possible restart/power-cycle of the client might be required.

Things to check:

look into nfs mount daq6 file system

Change firewall settings on ROC if needed

3.) take down firewall on ROC by as root doing

systemctl stop firewalld

systemctl disable firewalld

4.)take out SELINUX on ROC by editing the file


changed SELINUX to disabled


Startup CODA programs in separate xterminal sessions

type the following to setup the CODA environmental variables in every xterm

source CODA/2.6.2/setup

Then start the following processes in the separate xterminals

start up msqld, et_start, rcplatform .

(do the following two commands in a csh & separate xterms)

coda_eb_rc3 -i -s DAQ -n eb1 -t CDEB
coda_er_rc3 -i -s DAQ -n LDS_ER -t ER

login to the ROC (ssh rocdaq1) and start the process

ssh root@rocdaq1
source CODA/2.6.2/setup
coda_roc_rc3 -t ROC -n rocdaq1

now startup the runcontrol GUI


do the following menu calls in rcgui


select "r1dc"

click the Configure button (wrench & screwdriver icon on upper left)

click the download button (floppy disk icon)

click "Prestart" and then "Go" buttons

error FAQ

Discrepancy between run numbers

I see the following error message when I click pre start in CODA. Discrepancy between run numbers: Coda2 db = 4384 Cool db = 4385 CodaRcPrestart service aborted.

The fastest fix is to go to the "expert" menu un rcgui and choose Set Run Number for both databases.
This will resync the two databases.

CODA2 dp communication error

Restart the process "et_start"

rm /tmp/et_sys_DAQ

If et_start fails to restart with the following error message:

"ERROR: et_system_start, ET system process already exists!"

find the PID number with

 netstat -ap | grep et_start

, kill the process, then try again.

ERROR: Data not ready in event 12164121 evStored = 0

The above error started happening.

Its not a multiple TDC hit just before a DAQ trigger

The problem was the the TDC sopt pulse was too close to the 25 ns width limit. I increased it to 40 ns and the problem went away.

Lost connection to the platform

rcgui killed EB and ER because it "lost connection to the platform".

The above error happens intermittently.

I think this is because the host computers hard disk is failing. Ben has made an image of the current disk which we will transfer, OS and all, to a new disk to see if this error stops.

Can not find container_admin

2013/06/12 10:03:01 Component = eb1 Host = registered with the platform.

ControlDesigner ERROR :Can not find container_admin on the node

Cant connect to MSQL server=

moved daq2 to the IAC. hardcoded the IP addresses to the names in /etc/hosts file to bypass DNS server

The ROC appears to still be unable to talk to the MSQL server running on daq2 because it is using daq2's old IP address event though it pings the right address through the /etc/hosts file. perhaps the MSQL server address is cardcoded somewhere?

[root@rocdaq1 /etc]# coda_roc_rc3 -t ROC -n rocdaq1 Connect: Connection timed out msql error : Can't connect to MSQL server on Connect: Connection timed out MSQL_Cmd_Connect: error 'cause socket < 0 msql: Can't connect to MSQL server on

solution, the MSQL_HOME environmental variable was set to the IP address instead of the computer name

turn off the firewall

On CentOS 7 you use the command

systemctl status firewalld

to check the firewall status

to turn off the firewall

systemctl stop firewalld


Start the following programs in the order below and in different xterm windows

(need to do: source CODA/setup)

2.)minicom (telnet roc1)

cntrl-A P E to setup communication speeds
reboot to be sure ROC is alive

3.)et_start -v -s 70000 -n 200

you may need to delete the old memory file /tmp/et_sys_DAQ
error message
~ >et_start
et_netinfo: error in gethostbyaddr
et_udpreceive: bind error
et SEVERE: et_listen_thread: problem opening socket

The above error message happened when I took the DAQ system to the IAC. The solution is to add the new IP addresss for the DAQ machine to the /etc/hosts file

For example    daq1

The following fixed the above message

add the line    daq1

to /etc/hosts file

According to Dave Abbott:

In looking at the ET code it seems that the ET system is checking all active network ports on a particular host and it gets a list of valid IP addresses (in your case and However it then attempts to get a hostname associated for each IP address (using gethostbyaddr). In your case returns "daq1" but returns <null> hence the error. In principle the hostname is not required for anything in particular, but the ET system does not start up because of this.


5.) coda_eb -i -s DAQ -n eb1 -t CDEB

6.)coda_er -i -s DAQ -n LDS_ER -t ROC

7.) runcontrol

Select run configuration

Creating run Configurations

The following describes how to make a run configuration file

use cedit to save a configuration to the data base (best to copy an old configuration)


1.) lauch dbedit application


2.) select "localhost"

3.)click on "localhost" tab

4.) select "LDS" data base

5.) now start copying other tables into a new tabl

a.) SIS3610 copy to table SIS3610gem b.) SIS3610_option copy to table SIS3610gem_option c.) SIS3610_pos copy to table SIS3610gem_pos

6.) go to new copy and change location of executable code to a new directory (row 1 column "code")

The tables won't reload if you jsut stop runcontro. restarting the msql server didn't work

how to get the new runconfiguration to show up in runcontrol?

Th library for the ADC needs to be downlaoded by hand into the ROC. On the ROC terminal window type

ld < v792Lib.o

Download configuration to ROC

  1. Click COnfigure in the Runcontrol GUI
  2. select V775_TDC from the pull down menu
  3. click the download button in the runcontrol GUI
 You should see message appears on several of the open windows.  
You should see information in the ROC window.  If you see error 
messages check that you loaded the libraries with the commands

-> ld <v792Lib.o
-> ld < v775Lib.o


Clicking the "Prestart" button in the GUI will begin initializing modules for the run

You should not see any error messages in the terminal windows.


Click "Go" in the runcontrol GUI will start a data acquisition

debug FAQ

Using local network card

I decided to connect the ROC directly to the second 1 Gigabit ethernet card on the host in order to avoid setting up a firewall which makes our sys admin guys happy and allows CODA to work.

I had to tell the ROC to alias the new host names in the boot script

so in the file CODA/bootscripts/roc1.boot

I added the line

hostAdd "daq1",""

You can do this on the roc as well and then on the ROC you can check the lookup tables using the command

-> hostShow                                                                     
hostname         inet address       aliases                                     
--------         ------------       -------                                     
localdaq          daq1                                         
value = 0 = 0x0                                                                 

Incorrect number Argument when downloading

daLogMsg: Downloading configuration "SIS3610"
Incorrect number of Arguments passed for ROL = 1
daLogMsg:  Incorrect number of Arguments passed for ROL = 1

I had incorrectly connected my EB to my ER system

ROC won't load VxWorks Kernel

If you have anout output to stdout from a .cshrc or .tcshrc login script then the ROC will have trouble loading the kernel.

I ran into this one when I deciced to "source CODA/setup" in order to define my CODA environmental variables when I log in. The setup script did a "echo" and this caused the ROC to stop loading the kernel. When I was watching via minicom all I saw was the word "Loading...".

coda_eb constructor faile

~ >coda_eb -i -s DAQ -n eb1 -t CDEB constructor failed : Couldn't setup listening socket on any port: Cannot assign requested addressNS_ServerInit (dp_MakeRPCServererror : Couldn't setup listening socket on any port: Cannot assign requested address ) Segmentation fault

coda_eb couldn't resolve the name server address

change /etc/hosts file so it has the right IP number for daq1.

et_start Segmentation fault

Solution: Try removing the file /tmp/et_sys_DAQ.

et_start: problem opening socket

~ >et_start -v -s 70000 -n 200 et_start: asking for 70000 byte events. et_start: asking for 200 events. et_netinfo: error in gethostbyaddr et_start: starting ET system /tmp/et_sys_DAQ et_udpreceive: bind error et SEVERE: et_listen_thread: problem opening socket

Cannot open broadcast Handle

Download run failed (UDP?) =

Attached TCP/IP interface to geisc0.                                            
Warning: no netmask specified.                                                  
Attaching network interface lo0... done.                                        
Error loading file: errno = 0x3c.                                               
Can't load boot file!!                                                          

The above was because the computer name was not correct


host name            : localdaq


host name            : daq1 


-> hostShow                                 
hostname         inet address       aliases                                     
--------         ------------       -------                                     
value = 0 = 0x0          

-> roc1 create UDP socket rc UDP host is port is 2052

Turn off Firewall

As super users execute:

/sbin/service iptables stop

On CentOS 7 you use the command

systemctl status firewalld

to turn off the firewall

systemctl stop firewalld

Setting up IAC network

as root run the script


daq2 & rocdaq1

Edit the /etc/hosts files on both daq2 and rocdaq2. Change IP address to reflect values output by /sbin/ifconfig

Edit the CODA/2.6.2/setup startup script and change the MSQL IP address to the address of daq2

emacs CODA/2.6.2/setup

Connecting to ROC failed

I moved DAQ1 to the IAC. I had to run DHCP for now. I think this changed the /etc/hosts file.

I edited the /etc/hosts file to be

# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.      daq1 localhost.localdomain localhos
t   daq1  roc1
::1             localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6

I can telnet to roc1 by name from daq1.

Runcontrol fails to find the ROC when downloadins SIS3610

Connecting to roc1 on host roc1
daLogMsg: Connecting to roc1 on host roc1
boot failed !!!
daLogMsg: boot failed !!!
ROC subsystem Boot failed

Back to DAQ Data_Acquisition

ET bind error

et_udpreceive: bind error et SEVERE: et_listen_thread: problem opening socket

Undefined symbol: GEN_ACK (binding 1 type 0)

TDCV1290A Firmware error

WARN: Firmware does not match: 0x0000000c (expected 0x00000005) Initialized TDC ID 0 at address 0x9a043000 tdc1190SetEdgeResolution(0): Set Edge Resolution to 100 ps