Data Acquisition

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temporary daq1

sam x4525

rsync -av --progress r657*

rsync -av --ignore-times --progress r54*

rsync -avzhe ssh --progress .

new lds machine :, HWaddr 00:30:48:7A:94:68, HWaddr 00:0F:1F:79:28:59, HWaddr 00:30:48:7A:94:68 HWaddr 80:c1:6e:21:03:92 (user ssh disabled?), (8 bays, 2 filled with 450 Gig 2.5" SAS drives) rocdaq1 HWaddr 00:20:38:04:6D:32 IP address: IP address: 134.50.218,67 IP address: ; HWaddr 00:20:38:04:6D:1C

LDS1 : A Dell desktop that used to be cairo

LDS2 : The Intel Icore 5 desktop that was used in the clean room,HWaddr e0:69:95:87:d2:08

LDS3 rack server with 4 CPUs, Poweredge 2950, HWaddr 00:1e:c9:4f:7c:1a, (6 bays, 2 filled with 2 TB SAS 3.5" drives)

/dev/sr0p1 /dev/sr0p2

tachyon Eddie's computer for neutrino work

The data acquisition available at the Laboratory for Detector Science is modeled after the CEBAF (Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility) Online Data Acquisition (CODA) system. The system involves a single board computer (Readout Controller) controlling a VME backplane which transfers digitized data from the VME backplane to a Host Computer. The Readout Controller (ROC) runs the VxWorks operating system and the host computer runs the CentOS ( free Red Hat) operating system. Libraries to control the VME modules are cross-compiled on the Host computer and then downloaded to the ROC. The suite of software packages which comprise CODA are used to manage the transfer of data from the ROC to the host computer.

Host Computer Configuration
Readout Controller Configuration
Installing CODA
SIS3600 Trigger Supervisor
Running CODA
VME modules
NIM Modules
VxWorks References