Run 0:GEMC Detector Image

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~/src/CLAS/GEMC/clas12Tags/4a.2.2/source/gemc -USE_GUI=1 -N=1 -BEAM_P="e-, 11*GeV, 5*deg, 0*deg" eg12.gcard

========= Mouse Shortcuts =========
Click and move mouse to rotate volume 
ALT + Click and move mouse to rotate volume (Toggle View/Theta-Phi Direction) 
CTRL + Click and move mouse to zoom in/out 
SHIFT + Click and move mouse to change camera point of view 
========= Move Shortcuts ========= 
Press left/right arrows to move volume left/right 
Press up/down arrows to move volume up/down 
Press '+'/'-' to move volume toward/forward 

========= Rotation (Theta/Phi) Shortcuts ========= 
Press SHIFT + left/right arrows to rotate volume left/right 
Press SHIFT + up/down arrows to rotate volume up/down 

========= Rotation (View Direction) Shortcuts ========= 
Press ALT + left/right to rotate volume around vertical direction 
Press ALT + up/down to rotate volume around horizontal direction 

========= Zoom View ========= 
Press CTRL + '+'/'-' to zoom into volume 

========= Misc ========= 
Press ALT +/- to slow/speed rotation/move 
Press H to reset view 
Press Esc to exit FullScreen 

========= Video ========= 
In video mode : 
 Press SPACE to Start/Pause video recording 
 Press RETURN to Stop video recording 

BinSize1 Vacuum LH2 NOSol NOTor 11GeV IsotropicPhi v2 6 ShieldOut gemc.png