Run7023 Y88

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Coincidence no cuts

Below are the coincidence events that occurred within the 200 ns timing window overlaid with the single (OR mode) counts.

Run7023 Y88 scaled.png

Coincidence with Energy cuts

ntuple->Draw("ADC7*0.599803-50.9271 >>(2200,0,4400)","(ADC3>670 && ADC3< 790) || (ADC3>1300 && ADC3< 1450)") Run7023 Y88 cut1.png

ntuple->Draw("ADC7*0.599803-50.9271 >>(2200,0,4400)","(ADC3>670 && ADC3< 790)") Run7023 Y88 cut2.png

ntuple->Draw("ADC7*0.599803-50.9271 >>(2200,0,4400)","(ADC3>1300 && ADC3< 1450)") Run7023 Y88 cut3.png