R3811 TDCspectra

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Wire Occupancy

Below are the hits abserved for 16 sense wires. Wire 56 is plugged into a bad discriminator channel. It is not yet known why wire 54 has so few hits (we will need to check the discriminator)

R3811 WireHits.png

Only one HV board was installed at the time of these measurements 

Time Spectra

All TDC spectra from run 3811

48 R3811 TDC48 Time.png
49 R3811 TDC49 Time.png
50 R3811 TDC50 Time.png
51 R3811 TDC51 Time.png
52 R3811 TDC52 Time.png
53 R3811 TDC53 Time.png
54 300 px
55 R3811 TDC55 Time.png
56 300 px
57 R3811 TDC57 Time.png
58 R3811 TDC58 Time.png
59 R3811 TDC59 Time.png
60 R3811 TDC60 Time.png
61 R3811 TDC61 Time.png
62 R3811 TDC62 Time.png
63 R3811 TDC63 Time.png

Number of Wire Hits In an Event

R3811 WireHitsPerEvent.png

Sense Wire Time Difference

R3811 TDC50-51.png