Pulse Recording Ideas

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Important Features

  • Fix Beamscan
    • Matrix problems with large/non-square sizes
    • New CM2000 code
    • Better display of scope trace while beamscanning
    • Translator unit selection in manual control
    • Better graph display
    • Save Beamscan parameters
  • Fix or remove Plot styles (measstudiotestDlg.cpp line 5317)
  • Translator class abstraction
  • Add display of translator position
  • Ability to initialize correct scope settings
    • Byte order
    • Number of data points
  • Better settings saving/store/recall

Nice Features

  • Scope class abstraction
  • Support for Tektronix 2000, 5000, and 200 series scopes
  • Configurable number of data points )(fast/slow acquisition)
  • Trigger offset in output file
  • Better/faster autorep capabilities
    • Long-timescale averaging
  • Change the graphics of beamscans
  • Integration of more than Channel 1
  • Remote/dumb operator display

Questionable Features

  • Network connected scopes
  • SQL/SQLite storage backend
  • Binary format file option
    • Better precision and smaller size
  • Ability to run on 7000 series natively
  • More control of scope front-panel functions
    • trigger, scale, timebase, etc
  • Support for multiple scopes
    • Virtual 8-channel scope, or differing timebase etc. between them?