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Chriss Jackson's Positron Target development logbook
Construct a Tungsten target and vacuum enclosure to be used for generating positrons using an incident electron beam.


Tungsten Disks

Dimensions are in cm

HRRL PosTargetDesign 4-20-11.png




If the motor has a radius of 2.5" and I want to shield the motor from the beam using 2" of Pb and the beam is about 1" in diameter then I want a Tungsten disk that is

5.21" in radius = 13.25 cm in radius ~ 30 cm in diameter

Target Chamber design

Latest Design From empire and Sadiq's measurement of the available space

EmpMagHRRLPositronTargetChamberDrw 9-20-11.png HRRLPositronTargetSpace 10-5-11.png HRRLPositronTargetCoupler 10-5-11.png HRRLPositronTargetHub 10-5-11.png
Target motor Design Available beam line space Motor axle coupling to rotary union Hub and spline to attache targets

Dimensions for the target chamber box. Measurements in inches. updated 11 May 2012. Holes for tubing still missing, need to measure.

Target box-bottom.jpg Target box-front.jpg Target box-left.jpg Target box-iso.jpg
Bottom view Front View Left View Isometric View


Parts Quantity Items connecting to Target Chamber
10 - pin wiring feedthrough 1 Feedthrough
cooling lines 2 Cooling Hoses
IR optical window 2 Optical Window
Beam line 2 Flange
Ion Pump 1 Flange
Roughing Pump 1

1.) Lid with a lip that bolts on.

2.) bolt pattern on the bottom for the motor mounts

3.) find cooling lines for inside the box

4.) Find elbows for the rotary unions.

. . . . 100.) Design a target mounting system




Vacuum Chamber


Liquid nitro tubing.gif

A: 5.88 B: 3.00 C: 4.25 D: 4.63


Performance tests

Heat load calculation