Plan to do 04/11/2011

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  1. FC analysis (Roman)
  2. Asymmetry. Different magnitude for two polarization (Dustin)
  3. Different ways to normalize flux (Roman)
  4. Investigate double [math]\gamma[/math] flash
  5. Rate estimate for U (Alex)
  6. Deuteron photo-disintegration kinematics (Roman). Done
  7. Look up [math]\frac{d\sigma}{dE}[/math] for [math]\gamma+d\Rightarrow n+p[/math] (photo-disintegration) and [math]\gamma+d\Rightarrow \gamma +n+p[/math] (inelastic Compton scattering) (Roman)
  8. Calculate the range of [math]\Theta_{\gamma}[/math] from radiator given spot size on radiator and size of collimator hole