PhysSurvey 2019

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A list of survey questions with the goal of helping the department determine how to fulfill its mission statement.

What do you think is the main cause of faculty loss

How effective do you feel undergraduate labs are at educating students.

Is a Final exam of 50 questions to be answered in 2 hours a reasonable was to assess a students performance in an undergraduate physics lab.

Is there sufficient financial support for graduate students?

Currently there are two pay level for a graduate student based on if they are in the masters or Ph.D. program. Should there be more range of pay for graduate students based on their progress in the program.

How likely to feel an ISU physics undergraduate is to become an ISU graduate student.

Should tutor room staff undergo a vetting process.

Should the lab manuals be revised to improve the clarity of lab procedures, increase rigor in some labs, and grammar.

How would you rank the probability of student success in the physics department given the following

1.) the department has half of the faculty as compared to peer institutions.

2.) Currently the number of students conducting IAC research is at an all time low of less than five compared to 8 a few years ago and more than 15 over a decade ago.

3.) the level of University financial resources for the department.