PbBi BeamLine Elements

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Beam spot parameters

Below is an assumed electron beam from the 25b machine (or any medical linac)

Kim HRRL Optics 10-14-10.png


Beam Line Elements

PositronBeamLine Layout.jpg

This picture shows you the current 90 degree bend into the experimental hall. Quad 1 and Quad 2 are shown and then the 2nd Dipole magnet (labeled Bending Magnet 2A a.k.a. Dipole 2) begins after Quad 1 and Quad 2.

IAC 25MeV 90DegreeBend 11-08-07.jpg


Label on side of Dipole 1

IAC 25MeV Dipole1 Label 11-08-07.jpg

Label on side of Dipole 2

IAC 25MeV Dipole2 Label 11-08-07.jpg

IAC 25B Dipole.jpg


Quad mapping of type 2 quads


IAC 25B Quads.jpg

The Quad doublets in the current beam line have the following label.

IAC 25MeV QuadDoublet Label 11-08-07.jpg

Quad doublet size:

QuadDoublet Width.jpg

QuadDoublet Length.jpg

QuadDoublet CoilSize.jpg