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Photon Activation Analysis Charter


This charter describes the functions and organizational structure of the Photon Activation Analysis Collaboration, the responsibilities of the Collaboration and its members, the guidelines for the role of the collaboration in releasing scientific results, and the delineation shared resource use.


The development and promotion of Photon Activation Analysis in research and industrial applications.

Collaboration Member responsibilities

  1. Establish photon activation analysis procedures
  2. Participate in proposal submission
  3. Establish protocols for the internal evaluation of a PAA result
  4. disseminate PAA results
  5. Participate in at least 50% of the meetings

Collaboration management


A collaboration chair person is chosen by the group for a term of at least 1 year. The collaboration creates a list of members that are eligible to be chair by majority vote.

  • organize collaboration meetings and announce them 1 week prior
  • serve as a point of contact to the collaboration
  • maintain the collaboration information dispersement system
  • serve as hthe meeting facilitator

Collaboration Decisions

A simple voting majority will be used make collaboration decisions. Votes may be cast by e-mail or in person


Anyone may be a member of the collaboration that has the potential to fulfill the responsibilities of membership. A collaboration vote will be used to approve membership within 30 days after an application has been received. Potential collaborators may apply at any time within a single year and may re-apply if membership lapses.

Working Groups

Collaboration members self organize working groups to address specific needs and interests as necessary.

Result Dissemination

Any collaborator presenting PAA results may not include the PAA collaboration as coauthors unless the result's veracity has been approved by the collaboration. Collaborators must opt to have their name included in order to appear on a disseminated result.

Resource Sharing

One collaboration goal is to procure PAA resources such funding and equipment and pool those resources to maximize scientific output. The collaboration manages common resources by ranking the priorities of their use in the event of oversubscribed resources. Ownership of equipment will remain with the PI, or their designee, who first obtained the equipment. The equipment members choose to officially contribute for use by the group will be managed by the collaboration. A member may withdraw that equipment from the collaboration pool at anytime once they forfeit their membership.

Charter Adoption and Modification

Adoption and subsequent modification of this charter requires a 2/3 majority vote of all collaboration members.