Niowave 3-2016

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Niowave Positron Project Progress for March 2016

Event files using 6,8, and 10 MeV beam energies that are devoid of vacuum spaces between the target and its windows were delivered to Niowave. Event files were generated assuming an ideal solenoid having an inner radius of 2.527 cm surrounding a beam pipe with a radius of 1.74 cm. Electrons impinge a 2mm thick PbBi liquid target that has a surface area of 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm. Stainless steel windows 0.25 mm thick sandwhich the PbBi target at locations Z= -10.4875 and Z= -10.7125 cm. The target is located at Z = -10.6 cm and the beam begins upstream at Z = -1.1 m. The incident electron beam is a 0.5 cm radius cylinder.

The Sensitive detector is located either 1.1 mm (Z=-103.775 mm) away from the last SS window or 15 cm (Z= 46.225 mm )downstream.

particle Energy At SS Exit Z= -10.3775 cm At Solenoid Exit
Positrons 6 MeV
Positrons 8 MeV
Positrons 10MeV
Electron 6 MeV
Electrons 8 MeV
Sample Event Files
Electrons 10 MeV
Sample Event Files