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The IAC wiki will be down starting at 10:00 am Sunday May 24th for software upgrades.

It is not known how long this maintenance will last, but it could be for the whole day. There will be a read-only copy of the wiki available for much of the time, but editing will be disabled for an extended period.

New features that will be implemented:

  • https (SSL) support
  • user groups
  • page-based security policy based on categories
  • LDAP user authentication support
  • Highly-secure sub-wikis
  • Better backup policy

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this should make the wiki more useful to a wider variety of people and groups.

Welcome to the IACwiki Main page!

Help on MediaWiki editing codes can be found on the MediaWiki website

We have the following sections:

IAC Computer Policies computerpolicy

IAC clusters

IAC Experiments

Laboratory for Detector Science

Nerd Group