Lab 11 TF EIM

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The Zener Diode


  1. Construct the circuit below making sure the zener diode is oriented correctly.
  2. Choose a resister [math]R[/math] which will allow you to cover the range [math]I_Z \approx 1 mA[/math] and [math]I_Z\approx \frac{1}{2} I_{Z max}[/math] for the voltage range of your power supply.
  3. use a a digital multimeter to measure [math]V_z[/math] for several values of [math]I_z[/math].

Zener Voltage Regulator

  1. Add a Zener diode to an unregulated power supply as shown below
  2. Use a value for [math]R[/math] to have [math]I_L \approx 20[/math] mA
  3. Measure [math]V_Z[/math] for [math]I_L[/math] = 1, 10, and 20 mA
  4. Tabulate your data and include the ripple.


  1. Derive [math]I_L= \frac{V_a-V_Z}{R}-I_Z[/math]
  2. What happens if [math]R_L \rightarrow 0[/math].