Jule 3,2007 Cf-252 without lead container measurements with HpGe & fast plastic scintillators in coincidence

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Paraffin wax layer of thickness 12.6 cm was used as a neutron attenuator and for cosmic rays lead of thickness 10 cm on sides of HpGe detector. Total time of the run was about 9 hours. Total number of counts: 658, 012. The source was Cf-252 without lead container of 60μCi activity.

1. Energy region 100-500 keV

Gated gamma spectra jul3 1.jpg

2. Energy Region 500-900 keV

Gated gamma spectra jul3 2.jpg

2. Energy Region 500-650 keV

Gated gamma spectra jul3 3.jpg

List of fission fragment isotopes for a given energy:
511 keV Mo-106
519 keV Mo-104, Gd-152
536 keV Mo-100, Xe-130
540 keV Ru-100
545 keV Ba-130
576 keV Ru-108
585 keV Yb-156
601 keV Mo-100, Er-154
607 keV Yb-156
631 keV Ru-102
640 keV Ce-134
648 keV Zr-98