IAC Network Configurations

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Networks with IAC computers


All ISU machines (including private networks) use the DNS servers of and


  • "real" ip addresses are 134.50.87.x
    • gateway, netmask
  • NAT router address,,
    • NAT ip config: range 192.168.x.x, gateway, netmask
    • 192.168.87.x addresses are reserved for machines that have a reserved 134.50.87.x address
  • dhcp addresses are in range 192.168.40.x


  • ip addresses are 134.50.3.x or 134.50.203.x
    • gateway or (as appropriate)
  • static addresses are only in 134.50.3.x range, dhcp addresses span both


  • ip addresses are 134.50.65.x or 134.50.165.x
    • gateway or (as appropriate)
  • No dhcp


  • dhcp
  • wired and wireless (same WEP as IAC)
  • not connected to ISU's network

Private Networks


  • ip addresses 10.0.x.x/
    • gateway
    • dhcp range
  • static dhcp assignments pinned to MAC addresses
    • Brems nodes 10.0.200.x
    • Inca boot (100mbit) 10.0.2.x
    • Inca cluster (gigabit) 10.0.100.x

Mail Servers

  • Outside IP addresses are taken over by the other machine in the event of failure
    • Newton outside
    • Darwin outside
  • Private network (crossover cable) for syncing and heartbeat 10.2.2.x/
    • Newton private
    • Darwin private