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1. Attatch power cables to the translator system, contact any IAC personnel.

2. Take any cable, e.g, 223A3, and connect it to the Faraday Cup (FC) and properly ground it.

  FC -> 223A2 -> Scope
  Linac Trigger -> 223D1 -> Scope

3. The FC signal from 223A3 will go to any channel of the dedicated Tektronix Oscilloscope (TDS3044-1). This step is important for signal acquisition purposes during beam scan.

4. Manually align FC w.r.t beam axis. The rest of the alignment procedure will be done through beam scan.

5. 223D1 takes signal from linac's gun trigger. Observe the shape of the pulse on Oscilloscope, if beam is not properly tuned or any cable is not properly terminated then the shape of the pulse will not be rectangular in shape. Always show shape of the pulse to the operator.

6. Power on two black boxes: one for translator power and the other one for the controller system (MC-2000 Controller).

7. Launch Pulse Recording Software and follow the following steps:

  Motion -> Connect
  Motion -> Operate  
  These two steps will connect to the translator system, reset the Axis on MC-2000 controller

8. Figure out the movement of the FC for each arrow.

                       <- ->

Beam Scan

1. Click "Connect" in Pulse Recording Software, this will initialize the beam scan procedure.

2. Acquire -> Beam Scan

  Horizontal Steps: 11"
  Step Size: 0.5"

3. Under "Acquisition Configuration"

  Data Source: Software Management
  Measurement Settings: 32 (Area)

4. Click "Go" to start the beam scan procedure.

5. Observe shape of the beam w.r.t x-y axis and approximately locate the position of the FC w.r.t beam axis.

6. If beam is not aligned then electronically translate the FC and reset Axis on MC-2000 controller. Close x-y axis plot before this step so translator system moves the FC to its origin.

7. Repeat beam scan until beam is properly aligned.

Beam Scan Example in inches (taken by Syed and Carlos on Dec. 07, 2009) BeamScan-1.jpg

The distribution is approximately Gaussian because of the "Beam Flattener" at the exit of the beam port!