HV-Circuit For TGEM-Detector

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HV-Circuit Design

Remove RC Trigout circuit from 2nd TGEM stage

The HV- circuit for TGEM consists of two boards represented by the following schemes:

circuit 1
circuit 2

There are 10 cm X 8 cm boards, the 2nd board are deductible in size a little(instead of 8cm in width, it may reach 5cm), the following represent both of them with all the layers :

board 1
board 2

Boards top layer:

board 1
board 2

Boards bottom layer:

board 1
board 2

There is a little difference between the these schemes and the old ones that I added the filter for each board.

The location of the boards on the chamber:

After removing filter, print out another picture, place resistor in the paper and take another picture.

HV location.png

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