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Graduate Overhead Disbursement account


To create a graduate student support account using indirects as the funding stream


Provide support for graduate students during their final years (2) of Ph.D. study and a monthly or less frequent graduate student event during the school year where graduate students will discuss their work with each other in an informal setting under the direction of a faculty member.


A graduate student is eligible for funding from the GOD account if

  1. The graduate student was supported for at least 3 years by a faculty member who has provided indirects to the account for at least 2 years at the rate of 25% of their indirect return.
  2. The graduate student is in good academic standing.
  3. The graduate student has received prior support from this account for less than 2 years (The same student can not be supported by this account for more than 2 years)
  4. The graduate student has an out of state tuition fee waiver.
  5. The graduate student has passed their Ph.D. Qualifying Exam and successfully defended their Ph.D. proposal


The procedure below is used to select a candidate for funding

  1. Candidates must submit their application prior to spring semester's finals week in order to be funded for fall semester.
  2. A committee of at least 3 graduate faculty is created by the Chair that does not include an applicants main advisor.
  3. The committee is charged with recommending a candidate for funding and ranking candidates if there is more than one applicant.
  4. The committee will submit their recommendations before summer semester begins.

Ranking Criteria

  1. Likelihood that the candidate will graduate within 1 year
  2. Student's academic record