Determining and Verify Shield Limits

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Images taken from cadBeamline/cadBeamlineFTOFF

CadBeamlineFTon Mathematica.pngCadBeamlineFTOFF Mathematica.png

Determining what the shield components are using Mathematica, gcards are modified to call Modified cadBeamline and cadBeamlineFTOFF files without the shield components.


FTon ShieldIn MathematicaTest.png


FTon ShieldOut MathematicaTest.png


FTOff ShieldIn Mathematica Test.png


FToff ShieldOut Mathematica Test.png

According to cad.gxml within cadBeamline: For the FTON configurration the cone is shifted by -238.8mm

For integrating the rate within the shield area, this implies: For the components of FTOff, starting at the cone-tip and running to the lead shield

[math] 458.2\ to\ 1799.3cm[/math]

For the component of FTOn, starting at the main-cone (the only component)

[math]FTOn\ 458.2+103.0-23.8=537.4\ to\ 1420\ cm[/math]