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DAQ system description

The data acquisition system used for recording the data that collected from the detector trigger output consists of CAEN V792 anolog-digital converter, V760 scalar, ortec gate and delay, ortec timing filter amplifier 474,ortec counter 875, P.S. 710 octal discriminator, and P.S. eight channel variable gain amplifier 777, and a CPU supported by CODA and ROOT. The data were collected manually from ortec counter, and digitally using the CAEN modules that were connected together and to the CPU by a VME crate.


GEM performance QDC data graphs

Calibrating GEM detector

Electronics Flow CHart Using QDC

LDS electronics flow chart.png

Electronic Setup for the Neutron detector at the IAC


The detector is installed in the IAC after modifications took place in the detector design.

The modifications are:

1- The area of the detector kipton window increased to the same size of the GEM cards( 10X10 cm).

2- The distance of the cathode from the first GEM increased up to 10 mm. previously the distance was about 3-4 mm.

Increasing the drift distance demands an increase in cathode potential to maintain the same values of the electric field in the old setup.

3- The detector is installed in a wooden box, in addition to a plastic scintillator which was placed to cover part of the detector window.

GEM performance data graphs

Electronics Flow Chart Using QDC and TDC

IAC electronics flow chart.png


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