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REMEX is a utility for the intel based ROCs running linux that will facilitate the functionality of the old VxWorks system. You can try out functions from the console of the ROC to debug their operations before you include the function in a readout list.

on rocda1 the remix program can be found in the subdirectory



cMsg.h not found

remexLib.c:30:18: error: cMsg.h: No such file or directory

I got the cMsg header files from Bryan Moffit and installed them in $CODA/common/include

cMsg library not found

I was able to compile remix but the makefile did not know where the cMsg libraries are

changed the remix makefile from

CMSG_LIB        ?= ${CODA}/Linux-${MACHINE}/lib/


CMSG_LIB        ?= ${CODA}/cMsg/Linux-${MACHINE}/lib/

Need to add the cMsg library to the search path

if ($?LD_LIBRARY_PATH) then setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${CODA_LIB}:${CDEV_LIB}:${CODA}/cMsg/Linux-i686/lib/

standalone remex

It is possible to compile the libraries for modules such that you can run the routines from the command line to test them

see the program on rocdaq1 in the subdirectory

ls ~/linuxvme/sis3610/test/