CLAS12 r4139

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Discriminator threshold = 30 mV

R4139 TDCtimeAllChan.png R4139 WireTimeDiff.png

if((evt_TDC1190[107]-evt_TDC1190[106]>-600) && (evt_TDC1190[107]-evt_TDC1190[106])<-250 && abs(evt_TDC1190[104]-evt_TDC1190[106])<300)

R4139 TDCtimeAllChanCuts.png R4139 Occupancy.png R4139 WireTimeDiffCuts.png

Drift time

[math]t_{drift} = t_{start} - t_0 -t_{TDC}-t_{flight}-t_{prop} - t_{walk}[/math]

[math]t_{start}[/math] =event start time

[math] t_0[/math] =fixed time delay for the wire

[math]t_{TDC}[/math]=raw TDC time measurement (time is subtracted because TDCs are in common stop mode)

[math]t_{flight}[/math]=particles flight time from reaction vertex to the wire

[math]t_{prop}[/math] =signal propagation time along the wire

[math]t_{walk}[/math]=time-walk correction for short drift times due to different ionizations for slow and fast particles