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[[File:1CLAS12DC_CleanRoom_08232011.jpg| 200 px]][[File:2CLAS12DC_CleanRoom_08232011.jpg| 200 px]]
[[File:1CLAS12DC_CleanRoom_08232011.jpg| 200 px]][[File:2CLAS12DC_CleanRoom_08232011.jpg| 200 px]]

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Install fixtures


Installed the crane

1CLAS12DC Crane 08092011.jpg2CLAS12DC Crane 08092011.jpg

Brought down the platforms

1CLAS12DC Platform 08092011.jpg2CLAS12DC Platform 08092011.jpg

Bring down the scissor lifts

2CLAS12DC scissorLift 08092011.jpg


Install A-Frame for mounting DCs

1CLAS12DC Aframe1 08092011.jpg2CLAS12DC Aframe1 08092011.jpg

Mounting Sector 1 DC

1CLAS12DC MountDCS1 08092011.jpg2CLAS12DC MountDCS1 08092011.jpg3CLAS12DC MountDCS1 08092011.jpg4CLAS12DC MountDCS1 08092011.jpg

Changing Room


Finished installing the changing room. The changing room is used to put on clean room apparel prior to entering the clean room. A HEPA filter is placed on top of the room and set to high in order to blow particles off a person before they enter the clean room.

2CLAS12DC ChanginRoom 08232011.jpg

We still need to install a hard door between the changing room and the clean room.

Clean Room 8/23/11

1CLAS12DC CleanRoom 08232011.jpg2CLAS12DC CleanRoom 08232011.jpg