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Jefferson lab is a Department of Energy sponsored nuclear physics laboratory with an annual operating budget of $88.3 million (2012).

The 12 GeV Upgrade is a $310M DOE construction project to double the machines energy range that is critical for maintaining U. S. leadership in nuclear physics.

ISU's Dr. Tony Forest was awarded over $650,000 to construct particle detectors for this upgrade.

More than four members of Pocatello's community were trained to construct the detectors.

The employment of community members brought over $400 thousand into the local economy in the form of wages.

Three former team members are now working for ON semiconductor.

This project has been made possible with support from the Department of Energy and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies.


"This project was a nice example of how fundamental research can directly impact our local community."

"These particle detectors will be used to perform cutting edge experiments that challenge our fundamental understanding of nuclear physics."

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